Wednesday, October 09, 2013

3000 plus Truckers Head to DC for Protest – Drive for the Constitution – Meanwhile – Harry Reid, Blocks Bills and Want $1 Trillion More Added to the Deb – Does Anyone Not Want to Ride Along?

There’s been little to no media coverage, unless somewhat negative in scope, on the Ride for the Constitution, a movement if one will, of the Truckers of this nation who are protesting the economics that are perpetuated by our Federal Government, that are directly impacting their industries and the lives of millions of Americans. The website for more information is located at, and there was one piece that really brought home the frustration of these road warriors on a local network affiliate out of West Virginia.

The video above really speaks to the heart of the matter – the economy and individual pain at the pump and the grocery store and anywhere in between is literally driven by trucking. It is the number one way to move goods in this nation. The trucking industry as a whole is one of the backbones of the nation, and the families and firms are generally small businesses that are, like all American, striving to stay even.

The Fox News Network, with their Greta Van Susteren show, gave the organization behind the movement about 2 and half minutes yesterday – that video is below. Zeeda Andrews, below, explains the organization and the peaceful protest it plans.

Watch more Washington, Dc videos on Frequency

Those who would be willing to help bring to light the problems facing the nation should be supported in every effort, they are Conservative yes, but that does not delineate a political party – rather the true spirit of the nation’s founders.

Other’s not so much in that spirit are still blocking bills and legislation offered to stave off disaster, and those are bills are in the hands of one maniacal leader of the Senate – the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Not satisfied with driving the economy into the ground – he is now asking for yet another Trillion dollars to spend – that’s his apparent compromise. See the video below from The Hill Blog.

Suffice it to say, with our Veterans unable to visit the memorials in DC., yet the Federal government allowing other protests to take place unimpeded (illegal immigration), one would think the priorities of all parties are – in a word – distorted to the extent they no longer represent the people.

These truckers, taking time, talent, treasure and guts are merely pointing this out.

Good for them.

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