Thursday, October 10, 2013

Truckers Washington Round-up May Extend to Monday -Activists call for repeal NDAA as Precaution

Truckers are said to be arriving this morning at staging areas in Virginia in order to meet for a protest that will take them around the capital. Also coming into the nation’s capital are veterans who are disgusted that they cannot visit war memorials, yet rallies for Illegal Immigrants have been allowed on the Mall.

According to the Washington Time - the truckers may have to extend the protests until Monday – there is an instructional video for the drivers form the organizers of the event. At

Local news outlets and conservative news outlets are the only one’s covering this particular story.

Some activists have concerns regarding this weekend’s event, and have asked for the repeal of NDAA as a precaution. From the Digital Journal are the details of the bill that allows detention of individuals who are suspected of “terrorism” As it has been well documented anyone with a bible, who might be pro-life and Is either Catholic, Christian, or toting a legally obtained firearms is now, instead of a normal American a terrorist to the Obama Administration.

Given that premise the truckers need protection – prayers, and funds to support their protest. It is, after all, another protest that will go widely unreported. Other notables include millions on the mall for a tax protest in 2009 and more recently 2 million bikers that rode through the capital – If it were not for local news and (usually c-span2 on cable) the people would be keep in the dark about any protests that did not fit a specific “government sponsored” agenda.

The Truckers have a right to protest unimpeded, they also have constitutional rights that might be questions by those who haves sworn to uphold that very document.

For more news on the subject (or more to the point direct discussions with the organizers) visit: and listen in.

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