Friday, October 11, 2013

Truckers to Roll Into DC to Protest – That’s a Big 10-4 on the Beltway ##T2SDA – Misinformation and the Media.

Truckers to Roll Into DC to Protest – That’s a Big 10-4 on the Beltway ##T2SDA – Misinformation and the Media.

Today, the nation’s truckers will take part in a protest in Washington D.C. – the event will be designed around the capital’s beltway – using two lanes and keeping one open for emergency vehicles – this according to the organizers facebook page: Local media is covering the event and taking it seriously – although national media is bent on considering it a hoax – (as if no-one would want to protest in D.C. – the only city in the nation that has any real growth – no discernible production jobs, and an income that exists solely on taxpayers dollars and the largesse of lobbyist.

The disconnect between the beltway (or DC – specifically the administration, the senate and the Congress, is what is driving the truckers as well as veterans and middle income families nationwide – from tax burdens, entitlements designed for policies gain, billions in waste, and the fiasco known as Obama-care (The Affordable Health Care Act) –those in Washington know best, while those who sent them apparently are to supply their wealth. It is not how the founders and those that designed the ultimate document of freedom the U.S Constitution foresaw the future.

Today, should there be 3000 trucks, or 10,000 trucks or 2000 trucks circling the beltway in shifts, in a peaceful protest of the regulations that are strangling an industry that move more goods through this nation than any other – along with other issues with Washington that so many people in this country are dissatisfied, those who have even though about how bad things are at this point, might want to take a omens, regardless of party affiliation and offer gratitude to these truckers who, without, their lives would be more difficult, and who are taking time from their lives and livelihood to make a statement for all Americans.

Best articles that are on the Net are local: From WTVR local – CBS – updates (with some snarky opinion),

ABC 7 DC appears to be taking things more seriously.

My Fox are concerned with traffic issues –but note that there are thousands expected to participate.

Follow #T2SDA on Twitter for real time updates and some nasty comments from those who would sit and do nothing.

There are several mainstream media outlets and progressives’ outlets’ (which the Mainstream media uses as a source), suggesting either a hoax, and or a goal of anarchy - what this is – merely – a group of hardworking Men and Women who are critical to the nation, making a point, as allowed under the First Amendment of the Constitution., God Speed to them, and a note of thanks with prayers for safety as they protest an overreaching government.

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