Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Constitutionalist – About to Descend on Washington DC – Nationwide Truck Protest #T2SDA

Image US.News - now suggested over 1 million riding to DC.

It was first brought to attention by the US News and World Report Article Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen” and as a results, sites such as the Daily Kos and others of the leftist Ilk, appropriately denigrated the Republican’s, Tea Party, etc. without giving a thought to what might truly be occurring.

For the greater part of our nation’s commerce is tied into the trucking industry, they are family businesses or small businesses, and this industry has been particularly kind to veterans, from several recent conflicts – it is a way for families to survive, and for the nation to “keep on trucking” – they are, above all, the average American.

They are Fed Up.

They have a website - Ride for the Constitution.org. They also had a twitter account – deleted but, one can find the latest my merely searching ##T2SDA. Additionally their facebook page was also deleted – but again, they have a less user friendly version up - here.

The reason that these may have been deleted is most likely due to the original overwhelming support for those who would dare to question the Federal government – Also they plan to make a few citizen arrests – which, are within their constitutional rights. For the Twitter and Facebook – White House and Control of all that is fit (or allowed) to be seen, somehow, this group is going forward regardless – and plan to be in DC the 11th of October – mid-week there were 3000 truck drivers – that came forward. What we do not know is how many plan to attend but would never put their name out there – fear of the federal government and all that.

Who are they? An interesting article entitle Veteren’s in the driver’s seat> from trucking info.com does give some insight

One has average American’s in trucks that deliver the majority of America’s goods to market – that have some military background, and are headed to DC to protest and possibly arrest John McCain, Harry Reid, while they are at it.

Overdrive Magazine has a few details hereworth the read.

What this boils down to is simply those American’s who work hard, are sick and tired of the games being played in Washington with their Tax Dollars and their livelihoods, the ridiculous childlike demeanor of Harry Reid, and his cohorts In the Senate, as well as those that run DC should understand, that, not unlike the feudal lords of old, their peasants are educated and armed.

So the scenario’s can work out in several way s- but most likely what will happen is the following; massive lines of trucks will descends on DC – they will drive through the city in protect, on a weekend so as to politely not disrupt traffic, and then go on their way – it will receive zero attention, even if there are 5000 truck or 10000 trucks surrounding the capital or the White House for that matter.

What makes one wonder, from an historical point of view, is when the government no longer words for the people, the people tend to take it back (that’s called a revolution). Therefore are these men and women who are driving towards DC – the revolution or the harbinger of more to come. Moreover, will those living in the isolated bubble that is D.C. be aware or even care, what is taking place?

It is lunch on K Street, most likely not.

To offer moral support tweet with the hashtag ##T2SDA

As a footnote and in conversation with friends, regarding a slew of scenarios’ as to the defense of the Congress – should one or more members be detained by said truckers – what recourse to they have for defense?

The D.C. Police?

The District has no national guard to call upon

The Commander in Chief would have to call on his armed service member to protect and defend.

Would that happen?

How long does it take President Obama to decide – three weeks?- By That time he might be back living in Hawaii as a Civilian – or better yet – Chicago.

It is an interesting game of what if – when the people rise and can stand the tyranny, corruption and contempt for those whom they hired.

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