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Was it About the Government Shut Down or Even Obama Care (Not Functioning) or was it Really About the Debt Ceiling – Obama Miffed over shutdown –wants rise in Debt Ceiling – A New Age of Politics.

The States were Senators Are Facing Elections in 2014 - the Red and The Blue of it -or perhaps a shade of purple may invade - image

We’ve heard it all before – the sky is falling, the sky is falling – and the horrors one would see when those darn Republican’s did not cave in to the King of the Senate (i.e. Harry Reid) and just go along to get along and agree to anything he suggested as far as a continuing resolution (i.e. temporary spending measure, a gap if one will, to cover programs that are deemed non-essential – really.) – Darn that Ted Cruz, for upsetting Harry and those brown-nosing Republican’s who’d rather be in Harry’s good graces than the American People – so they moaned and groaned and then –that CR went back to the House, where there is currenlty an impasse – so the government shut down and no-one really cares – except for the politicians and the media.

But, the people, not those in power, were unaware, for the most part, that this whole dust up had less to do with Ted Cruz, or Obamacare, or John Mccain, and how far up the media’s but he could get – it was not about Obama either, it was about how much money they needed to fund all the extra’s – and how they needed to rise the debt ceiling – afterall it’s hard ot study blueberries in Maine without the darn funds. According to NBC Obama is ”exasperated” over this shutdown and warns we are in trouble” He’s concerned that people are still uninsured (no fault of the group –Obama care funded or not, has many glitches and a whole lot of disinterest that no one wants to signup anyhow. And so, he’s worried about more programs, and unfortunately for him, so are the people.

The thinking people, the worst sort of people for a Progressive to have to deal with than say – your average voter who they deem stupid – they use the word “uninformed” – but that’s not the case really – it is the same for both sides those voters who hold onto their Democrat or Republican label for dear life –while Washington Burns to the ground – and Harry Reid Fiddles.

It is, in a word, the most absurd time in the History of the nation, from the perspective of one how has seen a lot of absurdity in the past 40 years, or more like 50, but this takes the cake. It’s as if the late great Dr. Timothy Leary dropped a batch of something psychedelic on the whole lot of DC as some kind of experiment –yes, it is that bad. Carter was atrocious – we got that - nice man, but not ready for prime time, and after 4 years, and a press that used to be for the people, not the party, he was out, Reagan followed and the screams from the left were drowned out by the people cheering, from all sides, there were the disasters, term here, term that, Clinton, he was the manager, between him and Newt Gingrich the nation moved forward – including a shutdown – and there was reform and posterity. Bush has the unmitigated gall to be caught in his first year of his first term in a major terrorist attack that cost ht e nation both lives and economically – and the left had gown, to include the universities, and the press, so there was little god that was known about Bush – until Obama came into office – then Bush was missed, especially in Martha vineyard.

Now, we have rampant inflation, few full time jobs, everybody’s brother and aunt receiving some sort of government dole, and a dwindling tax base to support it all – add to that a program that was poorly designed and eats through a second budget, one can see that this takes the cake from an historical perspective.

Although an easy fix, no one in Washington wasn’t to fix it – except for one or two radical libertarian minded individuals who actually will talk to both sides –so we wait while the big boys, (or those acting like spoiled brats) figure out no-one but the press is listening. The Republicans who are so concerned with their image in the press, will have time aplenty in 2014, and 2016 to make good with their friends in the media – most of them might even get a spot here and there on the prime time news – same goes for those Democrats up for election in those periods. Normally this blogger is looking at the candidates for 2016- really here’s my best guess, Hillary Clinton, although she looks like she’s running and would love to run understands that the Jr. Senator from the State of Massachusetts, one Elizabeth Warren (only a tad less experienced that Obama was in 08), will be the choice of the national Democrats. On the Republican Side, normally the last man standing in the prior election goes –so, there are choices, all of them bad choices, Newt, (although a great debater), Rick Santorum, but wait, there’s also Ted Cruz (who’s better suited for the Majority Leadership Role), and Paul Rand and Mike Lee, if he ‘s so inclined – those two are worthy for several reasons, and the ones that can take out the machine that will be Lizzie Borden Warren. We need sense not slogans, but so far, that’s how it looks – What is more important is the battle brewing over the senate and the congress.

With fairly good sources, there will be more money going to individuals who are not necessarily Republicans, but challenging them not necessarily Democrat Progressives, but challenging them and so, we would have ourselves some serious horserace’s and some major shifts in public policy - This is going to be the most exciting time to be – a political junkie

So the sky will not fall, and the nation might not have neigh cash to cover its debts, and Boehner and Cantor (Republican’s light and lighter) will make some kinds of McCain in a deal behind closed doors and put the screws to the public, but Obama will be happy. But it’s short time and of no consequence considering the path has been set.

Imagine new speakers, new leadership – that regardless of who sits I the oval office, will rule al the people’s pleasure, not K street, or some ill conceived Progressive plan, or equally ridiculous Republican plan. Yes, idyllic – true, but completely feasible.

Yes, it is past time for multiple political parties, or more to the point, political thought, so that all voices get share in the Republic – so that Washington is not the Richest city and suburbs in American where they have no industry except collecting taxes, and where the nation can be proud again, and trust again, their leaders in the Congresses. The White House will always be – what it is – the personality rather than the person, good and bad.

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