Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Cruz Receives Praise from Media – Opines Ted Cruz Wins – Amid First Open Day Fumbles, and Falling Poll numbers for Obamacare (or Affordable Health Care Act) – Perhaps a Third Party has formed.

Of all the unlikely places to find positive mentions of the Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, it would be – the mainstream media, in opinion or fact-based articles laden with the authors opinion (otherwise known as straight news these days), one might be surprised to find the following: From the Allen Call (Pennsylvania): “Shutdown or no shutdown, Ted Cruz wins”, speaks to the meteoric rise and respect of the new Senator, another from USA Today via the Green Bay Press Gazette Five Reasons Ted Cruz Deserves our Respect.”

Although many believe him to be some sort of right-wing mudslinger – he is, more concerned with his constituents than what his peers or the media think of him – which is a rarity in Washington? The Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare, opened to endless glitches, and the Public, regardless of what it is named, is not buying - Businesweek cites the Quinnipiac poll suggesting 47 to 45% of American’s do not like the Act. which, on the face of things may seem like a 50/50 split, but – that’s the 50/50 norm for the nation.

It is not the only reason that a third party may be in order – as the old guard of the Republican Party (McCain & Co) tend to be more DNC than RNC, and there is a growing Libertarian wing of the Party – and when convenient the media call this the “Tea Party Wing” which, if you scratch the surface of the Tea Party, yes there are Libertarians involved, as well as former Republicans and former Democrats, etc. Read:¸Is the U.S. looking at a Third Party – article from the Idaho State Journal – It brings up a few startling points.

Suffice it to say on the Government Shutdown some apparently responsible media are now using the term partial shutdown- or something that has occurred consistently over the history of the Federal Government.

Yes, Ted Cruz wins, either way – he has brought awareness of the shift in Washington DC from a government working for the people to a government that uses the people to gain power – He’s got everyone talking, pro or con and that is something novel indeed.

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