Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Government Shutdown – Why It Matters – In a Nutshell – Why it doesn’t matter at all

The House and the Senate have failed to agree of a CR or Continuing Resolution to Fund Discretionary programs – the word discretionary as defined by means: Available to be used when and how you decide.

Therefore, this was not the standard budget but monies for operations that were sort of up in the air, this does not include entitlement programs, it does include park services, (Federal), as well as others, but non-essential services. The Social Security Payments will continue. The problem arises that the nation wishes to borrow more money and without this CR’s passage, that won’t take place – and that means, there will be little credit left for spending.

At the crux of the matter is the political divide over the way the Affordable Health Care Act has been structured. Some believe it needs to be readjusted as certain parts are clearly not working – other feel it must be passed, along with provisions to protect the Senate and Congress and their staffs, – especially when it comes to the affordable health care law. Some believe that for moral and religious reasons, the contraceptives and abortion coverage written in the bill should stay; others believe it needs to remain (Democrats). Neither side is willing to move, one side is more bent of being in charge (Democrats) while the other side is concerned about the effect of the law on the people, and on the economy. That would be some of the Republican’s – not all of them.

What one needs to know about Washington is that there is a political ruling class and then the rest of us. If they would learn the art of compromise as suggested by Senator Cruz, Senator Paul and Senator Lee, among others, then that would make government work for the people. As of now government is more concerned with its own egos, and looking out for their own class – never mind the masses (otherwise, most of the 3rd, 4th and 5th estates).

The question is Howe does this affect one individually – much at all? – That is how the “rest of the nation outside of the political class will view this latest circus. One can cry wolf so many times that it begins to mean – nothing at all. – Next week or the week after, the House and the Congress, with pressure brought to bear by the media (never mind the American Public, they listen to few of them), and each other, they’ll figure out a way to increase our taxes, and live happily ever after until the next big “Crisis” –

Simple things to do with Obama Care that would fix it today:

  • No individual mandate and fees from working class Americans
  • Mandates for employers to offer coverage to employees part time and full time
  • This- would be up the employee to take advantage of the employer plan.
  • State run health exchanges – to replace Medicaid, where one would be offered insurance based on income
  • There would be no borders when it came to insurance carriers, all carries would be allowed to sell insurance in all 50 states – which – would do the following:
  • Spread the risk of insurance so broadly that it would drop the cost of the premiums – also competition would drive premiums down – this would leave the exchanges in the state basically Medicaid only. Finally, the child on medical plan to age 26 stays, along with pre-existing conditions

  • The IRS would not be involved in the nation’s health care plan.

    Employers would begin to hire over part time work – under the current law, they can exempt employees under full time, and avoid penalties imposed under the current law.

    This is what should have been written.

    A simple one page legible, readable, understandable bill for the people to navigate easily. – Everyone would be Happy.

    In 2014, make the choice a personal choice, of which individual – not party – you wish to elect – and let your voice be heard –if you like the way government is running now – keep your Senator or Congressional Representative, if not, then shop around – even if it means crossing party lines one way or another – or voting for a non-major party candidate.

    For more on the nonsense taking place in the capital – excellent article on the Hill Blog at thehill.com/homenews/senate/325647 senate quickly rejects house latest funding measure
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