Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Step in the Direction of National Health Care at the Hands of the GOP – What is a Government Shutdown? – CA Unions Funding Republicans!

Today is another emotional day for the millions of American’s who are hoping against hope that their erstwhile elected officials in the Senate, will once again, vote “Nay” on Cloture to give them breathing from furthering the start of the Affordable Health Care Act. The tweets at #MakeDCListen are no longer trending on Twitter, yet, they are active, and they are desperate. It is a question of how many people who are not on “twitter” who are silently and sadly waiting for the other shoe to drop – they are neither partisan one way or the other, merely afraid of their own government and what it will do to their health care.

The fault, according to the GOP Senators on the Floor is all Ted Cruz’s, the Senator from Texas who dared to buck the system in an attempt to tell the world for as long as he could, the reasons why Obama care should be brought back to the table and amended (fixed) – but the House Majority Leader Harry Reid, refused and has the unlimited power to do so. Those railing against Obama, as the President, should choose another, more culpable individual – that would be Harry Reid, who is in more powerful position than the President. One might guess that there will be a challenge to Reid in the next election cycle he faces. One might also guess that with his support of this bill, he will join Tom Daschle. He and McCain and those colleges of Cruz, Lee and whoever dared to step on the toes of the Washington ruling class.

Those might think it is just the “crazy tea-party” that is concerned over this ridiculous bill – not so:

The open letter from Jimmy Hoffa, Teamsters Union President, (click here to read), sound word for word, as if it were taken from part of Senator Cruz’s 22 hour and 19 minute call to his Senate Colleges to stop this bill in its Tracks. Those are strange bedfellows one might think.

What is even more startling is what some might see as an upheaval of sorts. The Unions looking towards Republican’s to bail them out of the muck and mire of the economy that this present course of action by the Democrats has wrought. From the Sacramento Bee – the headline screams Teachers union, SEIU open wallets to California Republican Party - , the article godson to point out that both unions (local to CA and that specific area), are donating heavily to the CA Republican Party.

What so many Republican’s have done is the past is despicable – they have railed against the unions, or played down endorsement requests, to their detriment. There is a broad divide in all unions between the national office (which is hard line progressive) and those many field chapters who are the “regular folk”, working class, suffering just like those non-union members. On a local level they may want to endorse a rising national Republican figure, or a local figure yet, add yet, those have, to a majority refused the invitation to “walk “with the local members – This is a symbolic gesture that cements a relationship between the candidate and the local –one that shows the individual by walking with the members, is in solidarity with them, and understand their needs.

How foolish of so many candidates – so fearful of the wrath of the GOP, that they would deny the members and themselves a benefit of mutual understanding – the GOP and the DNC would be reversed.

A source, in the SEIU, (ok, a relative) suggested that the one-time Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee, when asked to walk with a union (SEIU local) in the Pacific Northwest, declined, so they endorsed the Democrats. What a shame – Huckabee, in 2008, could have save the GOP from the embarrassment of John McCain.

Now, those union members are giving to Republican Parties in CA, and one wonders if there are any candidates on the horizon on the Republican ticket that would get off their behinds and go to that local and show support – and then ask for more –in every state, at every level, at every local.

They might find more support than they bargained for – regardless of the fact that the unions are in decline.

Today, the defeatist in the GOP will undoubtedly do exactly what the people are afraid they will, roll over.

To avoid a “Government Shutdown” that isn’t a Government shutdown at all – They are voting on a bill or continuing resolution which only applies to discretionary funding – not the funding of the Federal Government that is set in stone in the budget. Yet they use that as a means and way to vote to get along and the heck with the constituents.

Ironcially - it was those very same Senators, slamming Cruz, Lee, and all who support them, that wanted to shut down the Government in 2009. Short memories – while those who insulted Cruz, like his fellow Senator, Cornyn, are sending out fundraising letters based on their ability to STOP Obama care – really? – They don’t intend to stop anything. The article from Red State, entitled lies, dam lies and republican senators is worth the read.

Also, if so inclined, call your senator and give them a tip on the job at hand and whether or not you want Obama care to go through – pro or con, it allows you to actively participate in the process – the call is free for most of us: the capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121 – just ask to be connected to your Senators office.

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