Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ted Cruz Battle for Self Gain – Doubtful – The Big What if – He Is the Rare Sincere Politico? – The Real Risk-Takers of the GOP are the McCain’s and the Reid’s.

Ted Cruz, the newsworthy Senator from the State of Texas is coming under fire this week from certain arenas – specially the GOP Leadership, the Democrat Leadership and the Media. His crime is his attempt to defund the Obama Care legislation – by any means he can find. Does anyone really want this bill to continue as it was written? Yes, those on the extreme left, the politicians who signed onto the bill to appease the Administration, and the Administration – the rest of the nation, not so much – and that includes union groups such as the AFLCIO, better known as a bunch of Democrats, who termed the legislation as “disruptive” to their health care plans. Kaiser Health Foundation is screaming from the rooftops the fact that the plan, meant to cover the poor and middle class, is going to leave up to 500,000 children without coverage due to a snippet in the legislation that notes the employee must be covered, but not the family – who will also not be eligible for the exchanges – and will also most likely be eligible for the fines, as they will not be covered as mandated. That will mean each family that must be insured and find insurance – if they can – as private insurance companies are no longer offering health care plans that are remotely affordable. USA Today

Even the exchanges are pricey – take the State of Massachusetts for example – if one is earning a mean salary of $40,000 per year, after deductions they are living off more than the average SNAP recipient in the state. If they are seeking coverage though the States Health Portal, for a family or individual plan, they must be inside the open enrollment period(MA Health Connector), and if they do qualify the lowest level plans for families are not cheap. A family of 3 seeking coverage has a choice of 8 plans, the Bronze Plan being the least expensive at $609 per month for a family of 3, or unaffordable to most average working Massachusetts families.(Mass Health Care)

Therefore it should be deemed the “unaffordable health care Act” – yet, Cruz is taking heat for wanting to defund the program, thereby delaying its start – and shockingly the ones that are most against his attempt are the “Greybeards (Cruz term) of the Senate –or those most comfortable with their positions of power – for now.

So what’s a bunch of irate GOP insiders to do? Hammer Senator Cruz as a over-reaching smart guy, who knows he’s lost the battle before it began, and is in the fight for his own gain – i.e. the popularity of the base. (Washington Times)

Although that might just be a side effect, this popularity, it is most doubtful that this is the root cause. It appears that Senator Cruz is one of those rare birds who arrives in Washington, stays a year, and continues to have their integrity intact. If he wishes to debate and use procedural means against Harry Reid, the most likely to be the next Ted Daschle, and holder of the key to the Senate, so be it. It is the job that Cruz was sent there to accomplish. It is going to pay dividends. Although Cruz might not be popular with the media (including those Fox News personalities and their counterparts on MSNBC and CNN), he is with the people who sent him – which is all that count. He is also popular with those that have read the constitution and understand that Mr. Smiths in Washington, are now to be found only in a select group of Conservatives and Libertarians, the rest of those holding office appear to be there for personal gain.

How important is the Tea Party? One might want to ask Lois Lerner the IRS official who “resigned” after targeting Tea Party Groups through 2010 and 2012 - some believe at the behest of the administration. (ABC News). The Tea Party, much maligned as it is, has a value that is more viable than the Republican Party or the Democrat Party – one might just want to ask the members who are former members of both parties, as well as libertarians, Green Party, etc. This targeting began after the strumping taken by both parties in 2010 - and one would hazard to guess, Lois got her directives from the both Political Parties.

What they all have in common is their desire to return to a more constitutionally based government where one’s self-reliance is applauded not derided and the federal government is less wieldy.

Cruz, although associated with the Tea Party, has a pedigree that is suitable to appoint to the Supremes (as in Court), while John McCain and the rest of the Rank and File GOP are suitable for the country clubs, and not a great deal more. There are those political animals, one sees them at the local and state level, that just reek of self-serving platitudes – constantly on stage, and not a wee bit humble about it, then there are the public servants – who are a tad more humble, yet fight battles as if they were in a fight for the very freedom of the nation.

That’s Cruz, whether he enters the 2016 presidential sweepstakes (otherwise known as the primaries) is not at issue, what one might want to watch for, is Cruz building blocks of integrity, and kicking that leadership that is so out of touch with the people and the Constitution to the curb, by grass roots measures - becoming elevated to a loftier position in the Senate.

Remember Ted Daschle – the untouchable?

It is time, historically, for a shift in the political power base, specifically in the political party power base, which has not occurred since the formation of the Republican Party in the 1800’s – Now is the time, and as more people shift away from the regular party politics – they may find three or four, or five Republicans and Democrats whoa aren’t acting like the “rest of them” – those are the leaders that deserve a second look.

This is why, those in the media and the power brokers in Washington are seething – the upstarts with integrity just might upend their lofty positions and just might win. Those who vote against defunding Obama Care or attempt to block Cruz within his own Party – will still be popular with the media and may even become pundits after they are no longer in the position to call themselves peers. – The do, after all, hold elected positions. It might behoove those who are political animals to smell the changing winds and understand that there very political lives for which they worked so hard to protect, are now hanging on a balance – it won’t be Senators Cruz, or Paul or Lee, it will be their constituents and the most Cruz/Lee/Paul like candidate that challenges them in their home states that sends the reeling into retirement.

Meanwhile, Cruz will be in the Cat Seat in the Senate, or wherever he chose to be.

Just a thought - should one be of a mind to truly fight the battle - one might consider defunding their national party, until and unless it brings their senior players in line with principals. Putting the extra $5.00 or $10 into "trust" for those who are most likely to fight for one's rights.

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