Monday, September 23, 2013

A March Towards the Mainstream – Liberty Minded Candidates Scaring Both Major Political Party Establishments.

A Cartoon worthwhile - from the site The Rightly Guided

Watching the debate in the House and the Senate over debt ceiling and defunding the Behemoth Obamacare that, frankly bothers both Democrats and Republicans of reasonable minds, one begins to find not a legislative battle as one would suppose, but a battle for the minds and hearts of the general public, rather than those who would stay the status quo for the sake of “Good press”.

To wit, speaking of that rascally Senator from the State of Texas who has the Republican Main Guard (otherwise known as pundits from the Bush Administration and multi-term Senators who prefer to retain, a go along to get along, ergo, reelected, positions, in an uproar.

When it was mentioned that Cruz was to appear on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, those stalwart defenders of their own best interest within the GOP sent opposition research on Cruz to Wallace, the host – who then deferred to Karl Rove for an explanation! Apparently Rove has suggested that both Cruz and fellow Senator Mike Lee, did not consult the McCain’s of the world, before going about the business of the people. (Politico). When one thinks rationally about the situation, what it boils down to is simply: Cruz is doing what he promised to do – uphold the constitution, and vote and defend in the Senate what his constituents asked. McCain and his ilk –whom Cruz refers to as greybeards, are doing their upmost to sabotage this type of Libertarian behavior, as it disturbs their balance between the “gentlemen’s club” of the Senate that is in favor of whatever the polls are suggesting one week to the next, rather than take one for the American public. Not so Cruz. McCain, most likely to retire shortly, might not have read the Tucson Citizen who are lauding Cruz for keeping up the good fight.

The gist, Cruz wants to gather the likeminded Senators, in an effort to pass a spending measure that funds everything but – Obamacare – a bill that was written so badly, it needs time to tweak – if it was such a wonderful bill, Congress would be the first in line to sign-up –but they granted themselves waivers, the AFLCIO, also wanted out – along with a variety of states, both Republican and Democrat, who understand that fewer individuals will be covered, and the cost to employer will result in unemployment – one Democrat referred to it as a “train-wreck”. Therefore, on a bi-partisan basis, not many support the bill, but, the power play that Cruz is making is upending the get along to go along playbook.

Therefore, everyone is screaming about (media and congress) the looming government shutdown. The Whitehouse is scaring the elderly regarding a loss of income – as no social security checks will be mailed, the essential services of the federal government will shut down, ad nasueam – The Republicans are looking at decades old polling and worrying out the public point of view – so they cast aspersions on those that would defund the program.

Enter the shock of it all as explained is good measure by the AP via the Detroit News and Free Press - there simply is no truth to a government shutdown- actually shutting down the government. – The article goes on to describe the variety of shutdowns, especially during the Carter Era, followed by the Reagan Era, and so on – before popularity was the main objective of those erstwhile senator like McCain, and co. – Senators and Congressional reps behaved like – Ted Cruz!

The big problem with a shutdown is the “Debt Ceiling” – which they need to raise yet again, or face default.

That’s the gist of it – Should the forces of sanity – Cruz, Lee and company, succeed in forcing their hands, and the president refuses to sign off – or the House (which holds the purse strings), then the only thing that is threatened – is Wall Street – Therefore, Cruz, Lee and those of like mind are interested in helping the people, and the McCain’s, and stalwarts such as Harry Reid, are worried about the return on their investments.

On another Liberty Minded note- “Blow me over with a feather” – The New York Magazine, with Frank Rich, of all left of center trumpeters – has lauded, with a caveat, (the word Republican), none other than Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky – the title of the article: ”It’s Hard to Hate Rand Paul” is worth the read –(New York Magazine), not because it approves of Paul’s stance, but because it shows that there is grudging admiration for those of Libertarian bent in both parties and the middle.

Should Cruz hold fast, regardless of what the Senate does in the end, and the disaster he is suggesting strikes (and it will), those holding the blame will be those Republican Senators and those Democrats who let this monstrosity go on as scheduled (which it is not ready to be implemented) – imagine the backlash by the voting public in 2014-and 2016 – It will not be against Cruz, or Paul or Lee or any others who were thoughtful enough to fight on the basis of the Constitution and their constituent – it will fall on the heads of those Greybeards, and that is from both parties –those Clintons, and Biden’s and Pelosi’s, and McCain’s and Grahams. In either scenario the future of American political parties hangs in the balance – there may well be a third, more independent and liberty minded party that ends up besting them both – or at the very least, those who hold those same principles, holding sway neither of the

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