Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where Are Your Senators? Ted Cruz – Still Standing On Senate Floor- #MakeDCListen – Trending Twitter 13 Hours After Start of Filibuster – Why Cruz is doing His Job

Some may call the epic Filibuster of Ted Cruz against voting for Cloture on the Continuing Resolution without the one amendment to that bill, put forth by the Congress to Defund Obamacare grandstanding on the part of this Senator from Texas, but they, themselves are confused, or arrogant to believe that the only purpose of a member of the Senate or the Congress for that matter, is to tow a “party line”, or to put themselves and their political futures above the people who sent them.

Senator Cruz, still making sense after standing for a ridiculous and painful 13 hours, is battling for the Texans who sent him to the Senate. He is battling for the “lost generation” – those 18-25 year olds who are working part time, at lower wages, without the hope of having a home of their own, or an ability to move forward, get a better job, pay off their student loans, and participates in what once was referred to as the American Dream. He is fighting against the ability of one man, Harry Reid, the Senator from Utah and Majority Leader of the Senate, to run roughshod over the American people, time and time, by refusing to allow discussions on the subject of the monstrous bill made law – The Affordable Health Care Act.

Senator Cruz does not, at this point, appear to give a whit about what the media, or care about his political future, he is speaking from the mind and heart about the rights granted under the Constitution, for all citizens, both Democrats and Republicans. He is speaking of the reality of the economics of the Affordable Health Care Act, which some in the GOP and the DNC are politically avoiding voting against, as it does not apply to them personally – as they are the Political Class. He is speaking as a Patriot of the first order. Having read the Federalist Papers, and the biographies of the founders, Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson, and their peers, as a history geek who learned to love the nuances of historical and political poetry at the feet of a grandmother who had emigrated to this great nation as a sixteen year old, following her dreams of prosperity and rights not available in an increasingly volatile Europe, it is difficult to imagine in today’s America, the fact that there are not more Ted Cruz’s to defend each and every citizen in this nation.

Those who rail against the establishment of a political class, so wealthy and powerful that the divide between the have’ s and have not’s is palpable, are considered by those who are part of that political class or wish to be, to be either “dangerous” or mentally less understanding than they are, or simply ill-informed and less educated. They are both Democrats and Republicans or Unaffiliated politically, they are educated or not, they may or may not have Ivy League degrees, they may or may not have wealth or jobs or careers that are tied to Washington’s largesse, they are simply put, in disagreement with the policies, and the bureaucracy and the Political Party System (so loathed by our founders), running roughshod over the Constitution of the United States and not giving a whit about the individual and the liberties granted under the Document that grants each and every one that is privileged enough to be a citizen of this nation, the rights contained therein.

Senator Cruz, and his peer, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, standing alone in the well of the Senate, speaking after hours and hours into the dawn of the day that the Senate must take up a vote of Cloture, begging, daring those absent colleagues to vote No on Cloture – they are asking for an up or down vote on the Legislation of the Act known as “Obama Care” – the Affordable Health Care Act. They understand, clearly, they are railing against the “system”, and it is not for political gain, it is for the people who sent them.

There is a reason that the founders felt that the formation of political parties, who might grow and obtain so much power that they would, in deed and in purpose, outstrip the values of a free Republic, and undermining the liberties granted under the Constitution.

These two Senators standing are impressive, historically, they are not stalwart followers of a Political Party nor a political class, they are, in words and in actions, following the paths of those long buried and most often forgotten founders of this nation.

Whether or not one would agree, politically, those who are avoiding this debate, those who the people from their State sent them to the Capitol to do their bidding, should be debating these gentlemen, and doing the job that, according to the Constitution and the laws upon which this nation has been founded, bound to take up.

The American citizens of these United States of America deserve to have those they sent, regardless of whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Socialist, Libertarians, or simply unaffiliated, stand up and fight, not for their political party, or their own political futures, but for the citizens of their given state; with honesty and integrity for their deeply held belief, one way or the other on this issue of the Funding of the Affordable Health Care Act, or any piece of legislation put before them.

It is true, that the odds of the aforementioned behavior happening are slim to nothing, given the sad State of this Union and the elected political class, but what a fine day it would be for all of the United States citizens and those hoping to become citizens, if that very scenario would occur. We all, regardless of political affiliation owe a debt of gratitude for the Senator’s Cruz and Lee, who are doing what their colleges should be doing. A few of them did, notably, Sessions, Rubio, Rand, and Durban, and they deserve the credit, not those who have done nothing, regardless of which “party “to which they subscribe.

These Senators standing make this individual, first generation, American year for a day when this call for debate is a norm, not an anomaly.

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