Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is a Libertarian and What Does the “Tea Party” Mean to the Current Political Parties? Why Not become Unaffiliated!

There’s been a dust-up and a battle brewing these past few years, put the date the real awakening began circa 2009, possibly before. This divide as some call it, wrongly, is the difference of political ideology between those “Tea Party” groups and the GOP. The reason it is not a divide is that the Tea Party and the GOP or standard Republican Party are not one in the same and never have been. The Tea Party is comprised of people of all political ideologies, most of which could be categorized as Libertarian in nature. The Libertarian is a stalwart defender of the Constitution, generally anti-war, and non-interventionist, a self-made philosophy when it comes to free-markets, and the true purpose of the Federal versus the State Governments as outlined by the Constitution of these United States. Some Republicans, lately, have referred to themselves as Jeffersonian Republican’s or, in essence, Libertarians who are working on the Republican side, mainly as the two-party political system has left, in the past, little room for the formation of a larger, robust and politically competitive Libertarian Party.

The Tea Party, which, again comprised of so many variances, is an anomaly as it is not yet, emphasis on yet, a true, separate political party, but more of a movement born of frustration and the lack of disconnect between Washington DC (the Elite) and the people they represent. It began over the growing tax burden and national debt in 2009, and with nationalized health care on the table in the House and Senate, the movement exploded. The reaction from the Political Class and the Media was one of instant hostility on one political side, and the other saw an opportunity to “cash-in” on similarities. That would be the GOP, but there was and still exists a deep schism between the two.

The question is why? The standard GOP politicians is not that much different than the standard Democrat – while going about the day to day business of Washington B.S., in the end, they tend to agree on most everything. Case in point – Obamacare.

Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas is being much maligned in the media and by member of the GOP, especially John McCain of AZ, simply because he wanted to bring attention to the multiple issues. One might read about how the Senator is positioning himself with the “base” or the “extreme right wing” base of the Republican Party – or the “Tea Party”. Now recall, the Tea Party is not the Republican Party, and never has been. That “Tea Party” label attached to Cruz and other politicians and the Party is meant to be a warning bell for the potential voter to “stay away” – It is synonymous with “crazy”, but is that truly the case? It is the same as calling Ted Cruz an opportunist for standing 22 plus hours on the well of the Senate Floor, passionately asking his fellow Senators to do their job. He railed against Obamacare, which will, in the end, lead to socialized medicine and will destroy the economy. That is an opinion based upon some research on the Bill, and its continued growth, both lack of freedom to choose and economics.

Cruz, for his part, is appreciated by members of the Tea Party movement, he is also, one would easily guess, appreciated by Libertarians, and by voters who, may not care for the way Politician’s have risen to a “royalty” status, whiel the people mainly pay the various “Lords” their dues through taxes – with little return. A bit of a feudal system has developed. There are few Knights and no round table. What happens next with Obamacare? It goes into effect, with the help of John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham and those Republican’s where, without the GOP label, one might think they were Progressive Democrats. John McCain and others of his ilk, feel that there is simply no hope – the Best thing to do is to let the bill start, and when the people are so much more oppressed economically, they will turn around and love the Republican Party, the bill will self-destruct and all will be well – That is what is called, in most circles – gutless.

Men and Women, like Ted Cruz, believe that one might have fought to stop the process known as “cloture” – which allows a vote to go forward on a piece of law as is. The reasoning: he wanted to have a debate, and possibly add amendments to the Affordable Health Care Act. That Act might be salvageable, but not in its present form, and not without debate.

Yes, John McCain, spoke of the many Republican Amendments to the bill and how they worked to smooth it out, a bill a large percent of the American People did not want – in other words, John McCain and those GOP Senators in the 2009 Senate, were responsible for Obamacare, just as much or if not more than the Democrats.

What Cruz was pointing out was that with a bit of debate, and some quick fixes (of which many have been suggested in the house that make sense, but were summarily kicked to the curb), that would have benefitted the public and the government as a whole, but due to his brassy attack on members of his “own party”, he was maligned, by both those members and the media, and especially the democrats.

Therefore the lesson this sends is that no one individual who has been sent to Washington to represent their state, or district, should step outside the boundaries of their Political Party, and do what their conscious dictates – abide by what the individuals who sent them to Washington ask of that Senator or Congressional Representative.

That, in essence is why our founders were so dead set against the formation of political parties. They felt that the political parties would cause a divide in the people, and allow a very few to rule over the “masses”, in grand style.

That is what has happened, unfortunately. If one thinks about the political party they are affiliated with for a moment – it that party truly a membership. To be a Democrat or Republican is nothing more than a label, and guarantees on no special privileges than any other citizen. If one is a Democrat, does one even know his or her representative, and how they are working in Washington on their behalf, or a Republican? The same would apply.

There is an option for those who are fed up with the two-party systems that is choking the life out of this nation – become an unaffiliated voter. By doing so, one is liberated from the label, and one is not bound (mentally) to vote for someone based solely on a party membership that has zero value in the real world.

Listen to what the individual is attempting to say – not the slogans, but where they stand on the issues, and if one agrees, regardless of whether the candidate is a Democrat, Republican or – shock, Tea Party, Libertarian, or otherwise, then vote for that individual.

Don’t’ send a dime, red cent, or nickel to any political party. If one has a candidate one likes, give to that candidate directly.

What Cruz was doing was begging his colleagues of all political affiliates to-do their job. He was disgusted with the disconnect between those who rule over us in Washington, and what we, as a nation, truly need.

What this nation needs is 400 more Ted Cruz’s, Democrat, Republican, Unaffiliated, Libertarian (especially Libertarian), Green Party, etc. Take the social issues out of the equation. One has to understand that the social issues are thrown into the political mix purely for emotional effect – and have little to do with what happens either pro or con on any social issue once those two political parties meet in D.C. After the dust has settled, there is still abortion, there are still injustices and there will always be until – the parties are not two, but three or four or five, with the capital of this Republic filled with the voices of the people it represents. That is what the founders envisioned, and the plan was a fine one, it is the law of the land in its truest sense. It would allow true representation, rather than a ruling class.

Those members of the Tea Party get this concept. This is why there is a divide in the GOP – which again, truly does not exist – as these are two separate political entities, one is a party (GOP) one is a movement (TEA) and they are not simpatico.

It is true that members of the Tea Party have run on the Republican Ticket – mainly became it is a simpler way to gain access to party funds and to find a way to break the barrier against alternative ideologies. This is also true of the Progressive Socialists, who run as Democrats and are now in the Political Class. There is little written or discussed on that scope, but it exists. The lines between the two parties are so blurred, that one has to step back a moment and think now about the individual. Unaffilate. There is no membership in any party that is worth the cheap paper card one’s name is printed on.

Imagine in the message it would send, if the nations voters shed the political party image and actually voted for the individual who made sense, to them personally, it would be chaos – for the political class.

Note: if you read it on the internet, or in the paper or hear it on the evening news, unless it’s a train wreck, with 8 X 10 color glosses and live video providing proof, have a bit of skepticism, its healthily. Who to believe? Attend a meeting, a political meeting – either a Democrat Party Meeting, or a Republican Party Meeting, or better yet, find a Tea Party Meeting or Libertarian meeting and see which one of those groups most closely align with your own personal beliefs. The experience might surprise you.

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