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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Russia's Pravda – Criticism of Obama and his Disregard for the Constitution.

Rachael Maddow - H/T to Canada Free Press

Rachel Maddow, host of a 9PM MSNBC news program, had an epiphany on the 21st of May – the President that is most adored by this specific network, had stepped over the legal liberal line, in announcing his plan to permanently detain certain prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, and develop, in concert with the Congress and Senate, new laws pertaining to indefinite detention. Maddow had praise for the first part of Obama’s speech, after all he was criticizing the Bush administration, (a rallying cry for the MSNBC crew), however, Maddow was shocked when Obama, faced with the reality of those held at Guantanamo, decided that, just perhaps, some of those held, should remain so indefinitely. This so rattled the usually pro-Obama host that she delivered, what is to date, the most stunning criticism of the President found on that network. (Video below) The Maddow Show ranks 3rd in the timeslot, with the network 3rd overall, behind the dominant Fox and second CNN news networks with an absolute liberal bias present.

Therein lies the rub – Obama is stuck between the proverbial “rock and a hard place” – if the President takes a stand that is deemed slightly moderate, or even conservative (hawkish), he is seen by those on the extreme left as having “betrayed” campaign promises. Those on the right, who were well aware of his somewhat slim legislative record, understood that the President leaned sharply left, however, hoped that once in office, he would, as in many cases in the past, with one exception (see Jimmy Carter), move to the middle of the political spectrum on all issues. The problem Ms. Maddow has with the President is based upon her own political ideology regarding detention of those at Guantanamo, that said, she brings up a point regarding Obama’s assertion that the Congress and Senate have the ability to write rules of law that circumvent the constitution – and it chills her to the bone – as it should.

When the President, while celebrating his election victory in Chicago, claimed Abraham Lincoln as his inspiration – that was a clear warning to those who understood how Lincoln operated, what might take place as regards the Constitution. To most American’s Lincoln is attributed with ending slavery and preserving the Union of these United States of America - that, and the fact that everyone gets a day off in February, and somehow Lincoln is involved. However, Lincoln, brilliant as he was, also suspended that Document, in order to achieve his goals – which were to maintain the Southern States standing within the Union, based upon economics and, at any cost. In a nutshell, Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus and Freedom of the Press was not an option (editors who disagreed with Lincoln found themselves jailed, courtesy of a separate civilian security force.) and he found a way in which to do legally justify his actions.

As not one of the pundits, from either the right or the left, have a crystal ball and can accurately predict what President Obama will or will not do in the course of the next two to four years, one thing is certain, he will disappoint those on the extreme left, and he will rile those on the extreme right – in order to maintain his place in history, he must govern from the middle – which will be his greatest challenge. The Russian's weigh in:

According to a recent editorial in the Russian Newspaper Pravda, Barack Obama is steering the United States towards a total Marxists state, with lightening speed no less. The author offers a few valid points to make his case; the intentional dummying down of the American populace through the Education System (one which is run by Progressives), leading to a populace that knows more about who won “American Idol” than who leads the nation. He goes on to point out that there has developed a ruling class of elites, who believe they are entitled to guide the “masses”, and further degrades the citizens of this great nation for not fighting the good fight against the elite Marxists. That is where he veers off the historical track – not taking into account the ability of the American people to vote, change their minds like the wind, and elect an entirely different political party within a very short period of time.

The fact that certain practices put into place (GM Bailout with the UAW holding stock, for instance), by this administration, like any other practices put in place by previous administrations, can be undone in the future has not been taken into consideration by this author. As blindly partisan as American’s can be when it comes to one party or the other, it is the performance of a given President, and by virtue of association, every Congressman and Senator of the same party, that will either be granted a pass or fail by those “masses”. If the President is canny enough, and there is no reason to believe Obama is not, he will take a moderate tone, allowing those in the Senate and Congress to push for policy – should the decisions made be unpopular with the American public, will then be blamed on those legislators – resulting in a scenario similar to that which occurred post Carter (similar in that, Carter never moved to the center). The 2010 general election will be the first “grade” given to the Democrat Party and its control of the government, should certain high-profile Senators or Congressmen, or even those not so high profile, lose to the opposition party, it will be the harbinger of change – one thing that is constant in American politics. Therefore, within two to four years, Ms. Maddow may be found decrying the events of elections that will place those “Republicans” back in power – blaming those “non-elite” American “sheep”.

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