Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Polls Indicate Problems for Embattled Democrats Nationwide

It may still be early to project the outcome of the 2010 general election, yet there appears to be a certain change in the wind according to polls taken across the country. A May 20th Quinnipiac Polls gives Republican Christopher Christie a substantial lead over Democrat Governor Corzine by a 45-38 margin. In New York, The Marist Poll wonders if Paterson’s approval ratings have a bottom. Newly announced, (papers filed yesterday) New York Republican gubernatorial candidate, Rick Lazio, bests Paterson in the another Marist Poll by 3 points. In Massachusetts, incumbent Governor Deval Patrick, has an approval rating only slightly higher than Patterson’s. Christie Mihos, a fiscal conservative, is the first Republican to announce a run against Patrick.

In Connecticut, Senator Chris Dodd, is anxiously waiting for results from the latest Quinnipiac poll due out today. The last poll indicated a 33% approval rating, with Republican, Rob Simmons besting Dodd in early polling. In Nevada, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, could be easily replaced – the latest poll by Mason-Dixon shows that Reid has a 38% approval rating. Currently, his republican opposition is anti-tax, conservative Sharron Angle.

The current trend towards embattled Democrat Incumbents, most of whom mentioned here are rather high-profile, however, that said, the economy will be the driving factor in the 2010 race. With a Legislature controlled by the Democrat party since 2006, and the White House spending faster than money can be printed, those independents that bought the “middle class tax cut” and make up the majority of the electorate, will push the line in Vegas , which, in all likelihood, stands to favor a Republican resurgence.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Chuck said...

I have this feeling that this recent nominee could hurt the Democratic party too. On the surface she seems safe, Hispanic, female, etc. BUt there are already some damaging things coming out in her own words. A racist comment in that she, as Hispanic female, will make a better decision than a white male, and the flippant clip of her saying that justices make policy. She will confirmed but it may be costly.

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