Friday, May 29, 2009

Gloria Fox, Massachusetts House Rep., Embroiled in Prison, Sex Scandal

Gloria Fox, , Democrat Representative for Roxbury in the Massachusetts House, is the focus of the latest scandal to come out of Beacon Hill. Fox, who snuck an aid into a high security prison in order to arrange a visit with Fox, who snuck an aid into a high security prison in order to arrange a visit with her boyfriend Derrell Jones who is serving time for murder. From the Boston Herald:

Using her State House-issued, all-access prison privileges, Fox, 67, visited convicted murderer Darrell Jones in the high-security segregation unit of the Old Colony Correctional Center with a woman the Roxbury Democrat claimed was her “best aide,” two prison sources told the Herald.
In deference to Fox’s status as a legislator, she and Joanna Marinova, 26, were ushered unsearched into an area Marinova would normally have been barred from - a clear security breach - according to two sources.
But Fox and the woman were bagged by a vigilant guard who recognized the “aide” as Jones’ girlfriend - a woman previously written up for engaging in prohibited “sexual acts” in the visitor room with Jones.
Jones, 42, was convicted of first-degree murder in 1985 for the Brockton killing of Guillermo Rodrigues, 41.
Prison spokeswoman Diane Wiffin, referring to Fox’s apparent charade, told the Herald, “The DOC is looking into the incident.”

To make matters more interesting: Under state law, certain members of government, including all legislators, can visit any prison unannounced and without the permission of DOC officials.
“While most state reps use this privilege to take a tour, she visited an individual, which is unheard of,” a prison source said.
After Marinova was booted from the prison, Fox spent four hours and 10 minutes with Jones, according to a visitor’s log.
The day after Fox’s bizarre visit on May 7, Jones was inexplicably transferred from solitary confinement in Bridgewater to a coveted single cell in the general population of medium-security MCI-Norfolk prison, sources said.

Suddenly, Fox has “Lawyered up” and is denying anything untoward too place. Calling the charges “lies”, despite the fact that prisons have “security cameras”.

Additionally, Fox is also now claiming that she was “deceived” by the murderers girlfriend.

In the past, this behavior of entitlement and abuse of power on Beacon Hill went unanswered (until an offense was so over-the-top an arrest had to be made), but now there is a very vocal Mass GOP. They are demanding that the Patrick-Murray Administration provide some answers to the good citizens of the Commonwealth. The MassGOP would like to know why a convicted murderer is now receiving preferential treatment after a visit by the Democrat Fox, who had smuggled his girlfriend into the prison.

Jennifer Nassour, Mass GOP Chair has a few questions regarding this latest episode: Nassour said: "Aside from Representative Fox's troubling and bizarre actions, a more serious question is why the Patrick-Murray Administration transferred a convicted felon from high-security, solitary confinement to a medium-security private cell after the representative visited him for four hours. Why was this action taken? Who ordered it ? Why was standard prison policy ignored? What role did Representative Fox play in this action?"

Nassour also called for a public explanation from Fox.
What we appear to have here in Massachusetts is a State Rep, who abused her legislative authority in order to sneak a woman (she now claims deceived her), into a maximum security prison, in order to have sex with a convicted killer. Either way, Fox should resign, if she did abuse powers, and in an attempt to cover up their comrades faux pas, the Administration decided to quickly move the evidence (murderer) to a more cushy spot, that’s reprehensible behavior (or the usual for Beacon Hill Democrats), or, if she was too stupid to see through the scam, how on earth is she able to make viable decisions when it comes to the legislative process?


Chuck said...

Democrats gone wild, it's all the rage now

Tina Hemond said...

Hi Chuck, nothing new for Massachusetts, more to the point, Diane Wilkerson for more go: Mass. Government Scandals, of course, they are missing a few, but .. it gives one the overall picture and being that there are, to date, only 5 Republican's in the Mass. Senate.....the likelihood of one Party being in the "limelight" more often than the other, is a given.

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