Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Korea, Iran Defiant – Obama - Return of the “Paper Tiger”

North Korea’s continues defiance of both the U.N. and President Obama’s objection to continued nuclear weapons testing reached new heights this Memorial Day weekend, with a test where results equaled the blast at Hiroshima. Undoubtedly, the regime of Kim Jong Il, expected little in the way of repercussions, rather, exactly what occurred: strong condemnation from the U.N. and U.S. President Barack Obama. Although the U.N. met in an emergency session, it is likely a strongly worded condemnation will result, and should any sanctions be imposed, without the cooperation of China, the status quo will remain the same.

In an article from the Boston Globe, Tuesday morning, spoke to the naiveté of the Obama administration regarding the belief that talks with the regime would produce results.
”The Obama Administration “came into office hopeful that an outreached hand would yield better results,” said Michael J. Green, former senior Asia advisor to President George W. Bush. “They are now in a much more sober and realistic mood (North Korea’s Leaders) mean it when they say they want to establish themselves as a nuclear weapons state.”


“The specialists also said the tests indicated that Obama’s entreaties for North Korea to return to international disarmament talks – including dangling the prospect of one-on-one talks with the United States – have failed to provide even a pause in the country’s nuclear ambitions.”

Iran had sent warships into the
Gulf of Aden - a move seen as unprecedented and designed to show “its ability to confront any foreign threats.” Ahmadinejad has rejected the U.N.’s suggestion not to continue their nuclear program, and father, Ahmadinejad suggests a debate with U.S. President Barak Obama on “world problems and collective collaboration.”

In addition, after talks with Obama last week, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (Reuters) is defying “Obama on Israeli Settlement Freeze”. With over 50 percent of Israelis’ polled suggesting immediate strikes on Iran and Israel’s Defense Minister telling the nation to prepare for all-out war, it appears that the current U.S. foreign policy needs revisions in order to stabilize two rogue regimes and gain back the friendship of the only ally in the Middle East.

The term Paper Tiger refers to a regime that appears powerful, yet is actually ineffective, and was first used by the Chinese under Mao, specifically against the U.S. (source Dictionary Bablyon.com). Over the years it has been used to describe the United States on more than one occasion and under the leadership of more than one administration. That said, when candidate Barrack Obama spoke of talking with (with the intent of reasoning with) certain regimes, it was an immediate indication that the era of George W. Bush (seen as “No Paper Tiger”), was coming to an end. This set the stage for a multitude of tests for the new administration by these same countries (dubbed the Axis of Evil by Bush), to see just how ineffective or effective the new President may be - should the Obama administration continue with current policy, one can anticipate more aggressive behavior from both Iran and North Korea.

Unfortunately, this too is reminiscent of the Carter Administration’s many attempts at “peace” through negotiations, which resulted in Carter’s “critics” charging he had “lost control of the situation.” The defiance by America’s detractors came to a head when the Iranian Government under Ayatollah Khomeini (returned to power by Carter), took the U.S. Embassy and its staff hostage.
The infamous 3 A.M. call(s) are now coming fast and furious – for anyone with buyer’s remorse – this reminder:


Chuck said...

Good poat and I agree. I do think though if we have to lay blame where it belongs, we have to go back to Clinton, for two reasons.

One, his "deal" with NK to stop their nuc program was a joke and just gave them valuable time to develop the program to a point in which Bush was unable to stop it.

Second, Clinton started us down the road to being in hock to the Chinese, taking away any leverage we had with them to make them cooperate with stopping NK.

Lisa said...

Excellent blog post! Our enemies(not sure if that is an Obama adminstration accepted word) know that with our new President, they can basically get away with anything in the international community. Sadly, I think this is only the beginning of more dangerous acts to come. I mean who is there to stop any of these rogue nations from playing with and selling nuclear bombs? Certainly not the U.N. or The United States- under President Obama.

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