Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sebelius Supporter, Notorious Abortion Doctor George Tiller, Murdered during Church Service.

Dr. George Tiller, a strident supporter of Kathleen Sebelius, , was murdered today while at chuch. The Pro-Life group, Operation Rescue, denounced the killing. Pro-Life advocates do not approve of murder at any level, however, one can bet that, regardless of circumstances (say the father of a child whose life had been terminated at 8 months having gone over the deep end - A Supreme Court ruling in 1976 gives no right to a husband or father to be notified of an abortion.), anyone Pro-Life will be roundly condemned in the press.

This blog is decidedly pro-life, not approving of either the death penalty or abortion (both seen as state-sponsored murder). That said, one has to wonder why so many “God-Fearing”, church attending individuals approve of abortion - Those so-called Christian Churches that approve of abortion (and/or refuse to acknowledge the act as morally reprehensible), are at fault for providing an aura of respectability to both politician’s, abortion activists and providers.

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