Monday, June 01, 2009

Mitt Romney Critical of GM Government Ownership, the Union's Roll – Rasmussen 67% of Nation Agrees with Mitt

On Sunday, Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts Governor and 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate, put in his two cents on U.S. Government ownership of GM. Romney’s opinion is that due to the government owing approximately 70 percent of that auto maker, post bankruptcy, shares should be distributed to taxpayers, and the UAW’s piece of the pie, should be given directly to the UAW members, not the UAW “Trust Fund”. Romney, who is a Michigan native, and has a track record of rescuing failing business ventures (including the State of Massachusetts, where, he valiantly tried to bring fiscal stability to a state that is run by a Democrat Legislature that is both corrupt, spendthrift and prone to pork and taxes. In the final analysis, Romney managed, to his credit, to stem the tide of excesses in the State of Massachusetts, offer viable alternatives to both health and education, which unfortunately, became models of insanity, once the Democrats gained complete control of the Commonwealth).

Although, the Obama administration has signaled an intent to sell its shares in the Auto Maker and “recoup taxpayer losses” as soon as possible, one can’t hold their breath waiting for a check in the mail, more than likely, should GM, once again become a privately held enterprise, any monies earned back (assuming the Federal Government can actually run something in the Black, which, to date, has not occurred), will most likely go into one of the many programs being instituted by the Obama administration. Romney would understand this better than anyone, considering he need only to look at how well Deval Patrick has handled the Commonwealth after Romney left office, and that both Patrick and Obama have similar ideologies.

That said, the people (taxpayers), are more aligned with Romney on this issue – Sunday’s Rasumussen Daily Tracking Poll indicates that only 21% of those polled agree with the President’s decision – the balance – 67% - are opposed.
What might be the most interesting component of the entire GM Deal, is the chuck of change give to the U.A.W., in the guise of building (or maintaining) the pension of those GM Autoworkers. According to Open, which tracts campaign contributions, the U.A.W. managed to give a total of $2,108,415 of its members’ dues to political campaigns – with 99% going to Democrats and 1% going to a Republican (Democrat in waiting) - Arlen Specter. It is no wonder then, that the UAW was basically “rewarded” for its loyalty. It is no secret that Unions support, with their workers dues, one political party over the other – out of the top 20 all time donors to political campaigns, , 11 of unions. Those eleven in order of most funds given are: American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, National Education Association, Laborers Union, Service Employees International Union, Carpenters and Jointers unions, The Teamsters, Communication Workers of American, American Federation of Teachers (Teachers have two unions, double dipping), United Auto Workers, Machinists and Aerospace Workers and rounding out the top 20, United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

Therefore, it goes without saying that may be the resons the Democrat Party is so enamored of the Card Check Bill. This would allow Unions to force organization of any business, pouring millions more into the Democrat Party’s coffers. Union members do not have control over how their dues are spent; dues are deducted and distributed by Union officials. Just to be fair, unions have endorsed Republican candidates: Mike Huckabee, was the first Republican candidate in over 100 years to be endorsed by the Painter’s union, a move that rankled both sides of the political spectrum.

Suffice it to say, should Mike Huckabee, or a similar moderate candidate with a 10-1/2 year track records of governing with the opposition party, and producing results, end up in Iowa, it would behoove that candidate to embrace these endorsements and the Republican Party to follow suit – it appears as if these members are looking for fiscally minded, sound individuals to run the nation. In the meantime, the nation will sit back and wait to see which private industry will be next, and which union will end up owning a piece of same.

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