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Christy Mihos, 2010 MA Gubernatorial Candidate against Incumbent Deval Patrick (27% Approval Rating), Taps Dick Morris to Manage Campaign.

Dick Morris - Christy Mihos Campaign Manager - photo shangahijill

The Boston Herald is reporting that Christy Mihos has hired political consultant Dick Morris, as his Campaign Manager. Morris, who is widely known as the architect of Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election bid, and has also played pivotal roles in winning campaigns for over 30 high profile politician’s, including Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, Governor Pete Wilson of California, and acted as advisor for Mike Huckabee’s gubernatorial campaign and played a role in his 2008 Presidential bid. Most importantly, Morris is familiar with Massachusetts, winning the Governor’s office for Bill Weld.

In another Herald Article, Deval Patrick, has chosen David Plouff (credited with creating the mantra “Yes We Can”) to head the Governor’s campaign. Plouff, campaign manager for Obama, will have his hands full – this race will, like the 4th district race against incumbent Barney Frank, take a national tone, given the parties involved. Also, due to the fact that the portrayal of Massachusetts as an entrenched “Blue State” is still playing like a broken record - those running against said incumbants will be given little thought or downplayed (see Herald article) in the media.

However, there are indications from local registrars offices, that a shift in sentiment is taking place across the Bay State (which should be called the “Greyest” State due the overwhelming majority of Independent or “Unenrolled” voters), with inexplicable gains in membership for both Republicans and specifically Independents. Add Patrick’s’ approval rating of 27% , which leads one to believe that Plouff will require a Titanic sized lifeboat to get out from under this particular election.

From a pragmatic point of view, Christy Mihos already has his foot in the proverbial door, having introduced himself to Bay Stater's in 2006. Mihos ran as an independent against Republican Party favorite Kerry Healy and Patrick. The outcome was a direct result of the “Yes We Can” mentality of defeating George W. Bush, with any Republican incumbent or challenger facing the media onslaught and a people’s mindset that painted anyone affiliated with one party with the same brush. The fact that, since 2006, when the Democrats swept into the Congress and continued to blame Bush for getting nothing accomplished, aided by most media, Obama had an easy ride into the oval office – and since then, has continued to blame Bush – which, has finally worn thin, specifically coupled with failing policies and an electorate that is by and large nationwide made up of independent voters.

Time for a change – Massachusetts will be given a chance to redeem itself for exporting the “Yes We Can” Carter politics nationwide (we forewarned), and although, the people of this state have consistently elected the Kennedy’s, Kerry’s and yes, even the Barney Franks, while some looked to early polls that indicated they should have all been long retired and were, dumbfounded, the fact remains, that given enough incentive (The Economy Stupid), Massachusetts those voters will flip on a dime and elect a Republican. Should this happen, and one or more prominent Democrat politician’s lose long-held seats (or in Patrick’s case – one term seat), the tone will be set for the nation – it will be the “shot heard round the world”.

To Learn More about Mihos and Massachusetts visit:Christy Mihos for Govenor 2010


Ralph Short said...

Tina, this would be fantastic if the "peoples Republic" or what we refer to often as "taxachussets" would turn against the democrats.

I recall years ago when Goldwater lost in 64 how "terrible" things were for the GOP. Alas, a fellow by the name of Reagan won the Calif. governorship in 66 and history was in the making. One cautionary thoght is how can we translate the election of a governor into more representatives in the legislature. This always seems to be a problem.

Anyway, great blog, and hope springs eternal.

Chuck said...

Dick Morris and an approval rating of 27% could be an insurmountable barrier for Duval. If I had to pick and adviser it would be Rove first followed by Morris.

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