Friday, December 12, 2014

Historical Weather Data – NOAA Uses to Predict Snowfall

The national weather service offers a new feature to predict the amount of snowfall one might see for Christmas with’s link to data culled from a 40 year period.( - Shades of the Farmer’s Almanac, which uncannily nailed the coldest winter on record last year – using weather history (Farmer's Almanac). The almanac, however, uses a longer period of time to offer predictions, which may be why they are so close in accuracy.

The weather has always been one of those natural occurrences that have baffled mankind – there is the obvious – colder climates are apt to produce hard winters, while Warner climes tend to produce more rain, given their proximity to the equator. Not a science major here, but one gets the feeling that common sense in some science has been lacking. It goes without saying that if factories from Buffalo to Beijing pump chemicals into the air and water, then there will be a devastating effect on the environment, however, the hype surrounding climate has become somewhat of an industry rather than an actual science.

One might find that the glaciers are not melting as fast as originally predicted by those that believe the earth is warming at an alarming rate, however, globally, access to clean water, and clean air may be difficult due to industry.

Recalling a youth 50 years past, that read Weekly Readers chock full of warnings of a coming Ice age, that had those of an age believing that the mastodons would be reborn and that nowhere on earth would one be able to escape the cold, brings up some questions as to the flip-flop of the scientific community on the global meltdown. That said conservation and the protection of water and air should be a top priority to keep both food supply and quality of life in sync.

The blog st evengooddard, offers clips of newspapers hawking the coming Ice age in the 1970’s and is well worth reading. It draws similarities to the global warming theory that suggests the study of weather patterns has gone from one extreme to the next.

The positive aspect of this horrific global warming scare is the use of clean energy initiatives which have created a few jobs, and have contributed to the demise of several geese (those solar panels appear as a sparkling lake to the birds who dive to their deaths), should geese be an issue to anyone. However, no method, other than fire (and that is truly not exempt) has kept man from some sort of danger or pollutant.

Melding two contradictory sciences (conservation and the weather) may appear to be a tad off, but historically, one finds that weather patterns change over decades, and that cleaning rivers and ground from pollutants allows fish to flourish. It is therefore, not without a bit of amusement that one finds the official site of climate dot gov. doing a piece on historical weather patterns.

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