Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Grilling of Gruber – The Professor who is just another ridiculous academic with an attitude – He should never have been nominated

The audacity of the professor fueled by Progressive Ethics.

Not having paid a whole lot of attention to the hearings on Capitol Hill over the appointment of Jonathan Gruber, it was with some surprise and more than the usual disgusts that one happened upon the hearings on CSPAN last night. What an eye opener. The fact that we have these types of cretins working for and with government agencies – as it turns out both state and federal is something that should be stopped in its tracks. Especially since the academics appear to believe they are protected by some union somewhere, or at least a lawyer or two when they are seated before Congress.

As the more painful hearing (video clip below) between Rep. Chavez from UT ® and Gruber went one, one felt that Gruber has as much disdain for Congress as he does for the American People – snake oil elite should fit the bill:

In this clip he consistently refers to his attorney when he is asked to produce document s relating to his work for the federal government to the point with Rep. Chaves gives up in disgust.

A little later in that hearing, the man who insists he is not political becomes very political when queried by a supportive Democrat rep as being harangued by the darned republicans asked Gruber if he did not help Romenycare – which Gruber replied he did indeed and had papers to boot!

He was not asked to produce those papers.

However, as a citizen of MA, that has to wonder where most of the taxes go (either the turnpike ahtority or the states myriad program for enitielments – it is not without a little bit of wonder that someone as ridiculous as Gruber was able to get to Mitt Romney as well

See Video below from Al Sharpton.

This leads one to believe the vetting process on hiring consultants who are clearly political cronies with no serous knowledge of how to make the task at hand actually work as promised, should be booted, not end up on capitol hill in a hearing in which that individual will be likely heading the department which oversees the mess he is responsible for producing.

Not for nothing, the readers here understand, that were it a republican academic or Gruber, it would make no difference- qualifications should cold be just that= and it’s obvious this man has neither qualification nor the quality of an individuals conscience to work for and with the American people. For one, I’m not terribly convinced his apology for calling us stupid over and over again, was just bad judgment for which he is story . He is one of those over degreed academic who truly believes they are on the eh top, and there is that class of Americans who fall between the cracks are of no consequence, those blue collar workers, those without a four year degree, and those who are perpetually kept in poverty;.

The progressive dogmas that make these morons believe they are truly better. Isn’t there somewhere someone better suited to the position?

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