Monday, December 08, 2014

Internet addiction - only saying this once

A personal perspective.

Although one might love to write, or analyze, or crochet or play the piano (badly), if one is invested in a game here, a social network there, or more specifically the games in the social network one might just abandon the other pastimes one enjoys.

I’ve been missing for over a week – lost in Candy Crush, Word Wizards and yes, briefly in Lumosity. The realization that I was spending far too much time playing games (while fine-tuning my mind – the excuse) dawned on me early last week, yet I was compelled to keep going back for one more game.

There are many types of addictions, or some would categorize as mental illnesses – alcohol, drugs being dangerous, shopping, still an addiction, and finding one cannot move away from the computer without some distress - they all are addictions. Having no specific training in the field of psychology, rather being a mere subject, does not allow for any true scientific discourse. However, finding oneself so invested in a machine, not in the pursuit of knowledge, but in “entertainment”, brings up the question of when to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

Having far too many unfinished projects (again, enjoyable pastimes), may be a clue, especially if one finds oneself with their tablet, iphone or pc, more often than one’s family. Therefore, I believe I may be addicted, and in the true spirit of destining anything that may have an upper hand over the mind, I’m curtailing, rationing, and realistically picking up that crochet hook that is wielded with little grace and less knowledge, and finishing that God-awful purple throw.

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