Monday, December 08, 2014

2016 GOP Update – Rand Paul and Jeb Bush

Potential GOP Presidential Candidate for 2016, Rand Paul, has come under some fire for a statement he made regarding the fact that a New York City Cigarette Tax might be responsible for the death of Garner, who died while in a police chokehold – the reason, selling a single cigarette, which is against the law. The Opinion piece in the Journal Sentinel, suggest that the bombastic Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who went off the rails when Paul made this statement, apparently misunderstood Paul’s suggestion that the concept of a tax placed on cigarettes, with the law stating single cigarettes can’t be sold (due to loss of revenue), was ultimately a factor – the arrest would not have taken place if that particular tax law was not in place. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). Once might want to watch the feigned horror ensue from the left the further Paul gets into the 2016 arena. This is due to several factors, not least among them is his outreach to traditionally “owned by Democrats demographics groups”, the fact that he closes on the Top Democrat 2016 contender(s), and generally derails them due to his ability to take an issue both Democrats and republicans can agree on, and run with it.

Oh well. Also of note: Rand Paul’s interview with WHAS, where he note’s he may have made a mistake while in college, re: smoking marijuana. Paul has long championed lessened penalties on drug possession, for those who are either underage and or have such small amounts that it makes no sense to prosecute. That’s a liberty stance and once that is also fiscally conservative - savings from imprisonment and prosecution for a minor offence, while allowing the individual to become more fully a taxpayer without the burden of a criminal complaint. (WHAS).

Paul has suggested that he will make the final decision to move forward with a campaign in the late spring of this year, however, it appears that he Senator has already laid the groundwork for a campaign.

Meanwhile, the other Bush, Jeb made the odd statement that one must be prepared to lose the primary in order to win the general election – the Washington Post analyses his statement, which is not in the least odd. Presumably, the former Governor, hamstrung due to Dynasty and non-conservative ideals regarding immigration and the loathed common core education, suggests that being true to oneself and holding one’s convictions is far more important that actually winning the primary.That said, looking back at the 2012 cycle, one notes that most if not all of the candidates who ran, regardless of which side of the political fence they sat, did just that. The exceptions were those that won the contest, by changing positions to be more moderate in tone. Thus appealing to the right, middle and or left as the case may be. Lovely sentiment, however, one wonders which bushel the man has been under, considering his family ties and close proximity to many a national race.

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