Thursday, February 06, 2014

2014 – the Games Intensify – Senate Dem’s Meet Ad Blitz – Clinton-Obama Huddle to Save the Senate

ABS News Photo Picturing Presidents Obama and Clinton - saving the Senate Dem's - no easy task.

According to the Washington Post, the American’s for Prosperity Pac, is targeting 12 – vulnerable Democrat Senators, while at the same time, it appears that zero of the Republican Senators are in precarious positions – the ad buy is said to be massive, making it difficult if not impossible for Democrats to defend their “turf” – The Republicans are semi-untouchable .unless of course, it is a primary challenge from one of those rascally Conservative-Libertarians.

Meanwhile, CBS News is excited that former President Bill Clinton is “in the huddle” with Obama to save 2014 – to the point where the President has promised to distance himself from those Democrat Senators who may just lose their seats. (CBS) Of course, of note, this is not a popular well read story on CBS News, which begs the question – Does anyone really care, or find Bill Clinton/Obama “huddles” relevant?

One has to imagine that the Democrats in questions, being targeted as they are with anti-Democrat Senator ads – might not do well with or without Obama and/or Clinton, as the gift that keeps on giving, the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obama Care or Romney Care, continues to bring new angst to soon to be former Democrats by the day. The LA Times Tells of the Obama care patients who apparently cannot get a doctor to see them, as coverage is limited, and not unlike the websites, the exchanges are running in similar dysfunction manners.

Therefore, ads or no, this group, as well as anyone who can be remotely tied to the Bill, will be seeing a whole new crop of voters who will vote the other way - Estimates of upwards of 7 million individuals have lost their plans through the new program – therefore, that’s 7 million who may take it out in the polls. That’s a thought worth chewing on for a moment. In the swing of things, with parties being equal in enrollment and Independents growing in leaps and bounds – the chances of any type of Democrat comeback for the next 2 midterms and general election are starting to wan. Further and perhaps most interesting is the relevance of President Clinton on getting out a mad base to begin with – especially saddled with the irrelevancy of Obama. Should he succeed in saving a seat it should be considered nothing short of miraculous.

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