Monday, February 03, 2014

Good Grief –WAPost, suggests GOP Trouble with No Clear Front Runner – the Tea Leaves

The Washington Post is suggesting that the GOP is in “turmoil “as there are no clear frontrunners yet for 2016. They go on to explain that the “elders” of the party, are not happy unless there is a clear front-runner before the nominating process begins – keeps it neat, sweat and no messy primaries – since this may not be the case, chaos should reign and the Democrats should be sitting pretty. The reason is that Hillary Clinton has an unprecedented lead in early polling.

It may be best to recall that Hillary Clinton had an astounding lead going into 2008 – she also had the popular vote, until the Democrat Super Delegates went nuclear and nominated Barack Obama. That would be turmoil. Yes, Obama won, but one might hazard to guess the GOP’s next in line for the nomination theory didn’t quite pan out with John McCain. One might also suggest that a messy primary was not the problem with Mitt Romney’s loss –moreover it was those within the party that viewed the man as belong to a Cult –and 20 some odd evangelicals just could not vote for him. There may have been a few million Tea Party people viewing him as a “Rhino” that would not vote for him either –t he end result – Obama won a second term. Now that was unprecedented.

There will always be names bandied about 3 years prior to any one seriously considering a run, and of course, they all say yes. But when push comes to shove, the field narrows, and the people are left with a variety of choices, as it should be.

Look for front runners to begin to emerge after the mid-terms, when they should make some noise not before. There will be talk of this one and of that one, there will be favorites, but, the more the merrier – just this humble opinion. Recalling the 2012 primaries, it was difficult for those political junkies to watch the painful process of Mitt Romney slowly making it to the top – surely if he could run the gauntlet of fierce competition, he should have had answers for everyone – yet, it was not to be, and through no fault of him own.

2014 is the time to concentrate on who might be the next speak of the House or Senate Majority Leader –and once that dust clears, the nation will look at who moves them. One can bet it will be one that is pro-growth, more libertarians, less party faithful that will have more of the juice, so to speak, that’s wild guess. One will just have to wait it out. As to the party “edlers” – they should go on vacation – until 2017.

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