Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Here comes the spin – Obama Care to drive 2 million out of workforce – Leaving a job or reducing hours to qualify for O-Care? – How to Fix the Entire Government – simple steps – any idiot could figure out.

From Investors Business Daily - Obama Care Means Less Work Social Security Worse – headline that makes one wonder if the hits will keep on coming, and of course, they do.

First, the incentive not to work:

ObamaCare's work disincentives will reduce employment levels by the equivalent of 2 million full-time jobs by 2017, the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday.

Less work, slower economic growth and burgeoning entitlement-fueled deficits marked the CBO's downbeat 10-year outlook, adding to concerns about the long-term budget.
Further, due to a reduction in the workforce, Social Security is in even more jeopardy:

The outlook for less work than expected from modest earners and a greater share of earnings going to those with high incomes looks particularly troubling for the future of Social Security. The retirement program's annual cash deficits will spiral to $313 billion by 2024 from $68 billion in 2013, CBO said.
Investors Business Daily.

And what did one expect? With Nancy Pelosi quipping, one has to sign the bill in order for one to find out what’s in it – to the burgeoning budget, misleading figures, “you can keep your doctor”, finding that doctors are bailing, You can keep your insurance, finding policies cancelled, and the rollout of the website – less than stellar adds up to a big – What on earth is wrong with those people in Washington?

Did they leave their brains at the door?


How to fix this mess:

Expand Medicare, or keep Medicare for those who are indigent. The Congress and Federal Employees have a health care program with options – make that Congress Care – and allow those who would join the pool at reduced rates – do so. Allow insurers to cross state lines, driving up competition and driving down costs. Make current mandates “a la cart” – for example: infertility services, one could buy a rider for their policy, leaving those who neither want nor need the coverage free to enjoy lower premiums. One thing that should be mandated as covered for all is routine physicals, including mammograms, obgyn exams, colonoscopies and prostrate exam – annually. Finally cap litigation awards, remove class action suits from the medical lexicon, leaving a straight forward open road for individual mal-practice suits. Take the flipping tax off the medical device industry.

The aforementioned simple and easy steps –would not only put the healthcare back to buff, but allow it to flourish.

There should be no incentives to students to enter the field; the field should be enough of an incentive in a free market. Remove mandates that have ties to the IRS or its state equivalent. What those mandate accomplishes nothing more than numbers – as there is a way out (hardship) in all cases, fewer people are insured as state programs are costly. Taking off the mandates, would encourage those who would be paying the states/fed into paying for lower cost insurance plans.

It doesn’t take a Congressperson, a Senator or any other number of Washington elites to figure it out, if this one person could do so (and so many others have) then it should be a no-brainer. We, as a nation, need to get government out of industry and health care is – industry.

Other issues easily solved: Immigration – enforce existing laws –if one must figure out what to-do with twelve million people here, offer them visa’s and insure they have a job. Stop giving crime fighting cash to Mexico –and let them hash it out on their own – they attacked Texas, they lost but they had the temerity –they should get some of that back.

Medical Marijuana – really who cares –it’s medical, it’s marijuana, it’s a weed any eon can grow, and it has benefits – let the states decide

Marriage – let the states decide.

Religion, let the individual decide -freedom of not freedom from (see Constitution)

Women –if we are stupid enough to let one issue allow us to vote like sheep – were doomed, and I mean regardless of the side of life upon which one stands.

A short history: Roe vs. Wade, 1970’s, Presidents since that time: Jimmy Carter (D), Ronald Regan (R), George H. Bush (R), Bill Clinton (D), George W Bush (R), and Barack Obama (D). We have had houses and senates controlled by both parties, intermittently – getting less done by the decade. Not one time, not once, has any one politician done anything to take away one’s birth control or anything to stop abortion. Both of those items are women’s issues and both are economic. If one is pro-choice, buy the goods, have the abortion, if one is pro-life, don’t’. Simple. No government subsidies necessary for any companies that make huge profits from abortions and birth control (Planned Parenthood – we accept all insurance). If we, as women, dropped that issue as a non-starter, stopped giving money to politicians and groups based on the 40 year inability to move the goalpost one inch, and focused on say – economic parity, we would no longer be groups with “and minorities” – as we are a large block that could rule the planet, if we so chose.

Finally Social Security.

Yes, the elites believe we the people are not to be trusted with our own money –because we might not always exercise sound judgment – of course, that’s the pot calling the kettle black – that said, options should be in place, where in this day and age, those putting retirement savings into the government account known a social security could self-direct funds, similar to anyone’s 401k – that would 1) reduce the ability of the Congress to pilfer funds as the accounts would be private, and 2)the rate of return would be higher.


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