Tuesday, February 04, 2014

2014= In with the New – Out with Everything Washington – the wrath of the American Taxpayer.

A Morning’s Musing – or Rant

In a recent conversation regarding politics in the U.S., it was brought to my attention that those that know, and understand the Washington circles are obviously insulated, but not to the point where they have lost the ability to see the forest through the tree’s – in other words, something’s afoot, they just can’t quite get their fingers on it. It appears that those old stalwarts in the Senate, regardless of Party are facing challengers and polling in areas that they certainly should not. That would be the case if the public were perfectly happy with those that are sent to do the people’s bidding. but by appearing not to do what they were sent to do, it is also appearing they may be retiring early.

Kentucky and Mitch McConnell for instance – a “safe seat “for the most part, except McConnell is facing deficit in his race against a Democrat , in not one poll, but all polls(politicusa). That would be fine and dandy except that the tea party candidate bests all of them.

And they aren’t taking it lightly – that’s the Tea Party – They are, according to the New York Post mounting challenges to both McConnell and Grahamand not a moment to soon.

Where else does one find a race that may be worth keeping an eye on? Not yet declared Scott Brown does something for charity –which is usual for Scott Brown, but since he’s in New Hampshire and a hypothetical poll shows him in a dead head with Jean Sheehan (Democrat Senator), those in the Granitite are hoping he will run, to push that along the Washington Post is reporting that Brown appeared shirtless on the cover of the Union Leader – of course, that was due to the fact that he wasn’t about to plunge into the icy bay with a wetsuit, so, he appeared san shirt –the Union Leader, is just trying to stir the pot.

Being a MA resident who saw Brown as the best Senator the State (Bay) had in eons, as he actually got things done, he wrote bills, eh got them passed, and he did most of what the people sent him there to do, always with an eye on his State and all of the people in it –New Hampshire could do worse, it is MA’s loss.

If one thinks this will stop at the borders of Kentucky, the Carolinas, or New Hampshire, think again. It is a way of the public, even those low information voters, suddenly getting interested in “throwing the bums out!” – Regardless of which bums happen to be warming seat – and it defies party rules. Publicly not so much but privately –they’ll vote anyone in who isn’t currently sitting in Washington.

Those that want to stay in their seat, should be home in their districts and pumping it up by denying the following: I had zero to do with Obamacare, I had zero to do with that harebrained immigration bill, I had zero to do with the farm bill, and a host of other things that are costly and do nothing to help the middle class. (Or what is left of it.) One might want to point fingers at Obama, but he’s literally yesterday’s news. He’s got two years left, and in that time, he’s about as relevant as Hillary Clinton. Who to watch, the darling of the left – Elizabeth Warren for the DNC nod – she’s got about as much experience as Obama did in 2007-2008 – therefore, she makes sense.

On the side of the Elephant, of which there is a rather larger one In the room – chaos reigns on paper –but, as the dust settles and those who are serious stand up –one will find that the old guard, that moldy old bunch of bum crowners, will have their hands full. All it will take it one of those new Jeffersonian Republicans’ to stand up and take it to the folks, because no one is waiting for the next Reagan, they are waiting for the guy who will lead, without a lot of ridiculous promises but with common sense solutions. Finally it would not hurt a whit if that person could care less about how his party feels about him and or how the press feels about him –that would be the icing on the cake. The taxpayer isn’t looking for shiny new or women or hyena of what have you – they are looking for stability and a little crazy thrown in for good measure.

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