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Vet March on DC Yet another example - The fight of the left media Mission Keep On Minimalizing.- Analysis

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There has always been something that draws individuals to belong to a U.S. “Political Party” – however, when it comes to political parties, when one is not doing one’s homework, and voting based on merit, rather than D or R before the candidate’s name – what it boils down to is one is supporting the individual they hired, regardless of how poor a job they may be doing.

Some American’s, on the other hand, get it the point – they understand that politician’s work for the people – and well, they point out flaws – and that is regardless of party.

The media, print and broadcast in the national traditional sense, bemoan their loose of readership, their loss of viewers to Cable News (one network in particular) – yet continue to behave as “Cheerleaders” for one political party over another - regardless of the fact that they are a business, one that is supposed to report the facts, and having not done so for decades, now finds itself in a bit of a pickle with stockholders.

The fix is simple, editorial belongs on the editorial page, or segment – not in every single article, news or not – this might lead to a rise in leadership or viewers – or at the very least a rise in trust in the Gallup Trust in Institutions Polls where news organizations are just a wee step above the Congress.

When watching the development of the Veteran’s march on Washington DC – due to the closing of the War Memorials – there were certain evident facts.

There were veterans marching on DC

They were joined by few politicians from any standard party – Three in particular showed up, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Sarah Palin – all three of which could be characterized as more Libertarian than Republican.

The Capital Police clashed with veterans – this was due to the fact that an anti-shutdown demonstrator started a fight with a Veteran’s group- and Capitol police had to intervene. There were a handful of anti-shutdown (i.e. Republican) protesters and several thousand Veterans (of all parties).

The media was absent initially.

The LA Times (story here), noted several hundred protestors, and that they were primarily Tea Party, Republican’s and Conservatives - Therefore of little consequence.

The New York Daily News morning mention uses the same criteria as the LA Times, however has a higher count on the attendance. It must have been the multitude of photographs and video’s taken on the scene and uploaded to various sites that field a bit of honesty...

Check Google News, for the major outlets and there cookie cutter coverage of the events of Sunday the 13 of October.

Perhaps, just perhaps they would do much better with trust if they labeled correctly – as in Veterans from all political affiliates and walks of life, joined by merely three politician’s, and supported by the Non-politically affiliated – Tea Party Groups. They were protesting the closure due to the government shutdown of the war memorials. There have been multitudes of shutdowns over the years, counting from Carter forward, approximately 19, and yet, not one President/Administration has ever shut down the memorials (and other services).

Some of the individuals protesting do not care for the Affordable Health Care Act – and that’s just not right if one is a member of the press. Therefore, anyone protesting the Affordable Health Care Act must be one of those – Tea Party members which also means – to a journalist, that they are Republican. The use of the language and placement is so transparent, that it is infantile in nature – yet they wonder why they are losing jobs, and bleeding money faster than the U.S. government.

Simply put – they could do a much better job of reporting rather than attempting (poorly) to recruit for one political party (Democrat) over anther – and in that “they” one is referring to all standard media.

These types of events, that are both human interest as well as political, should be handled and reported as such, Including the fact that there were zero members of the Democrat Congresses offering support to the veterans attempting to visit the memorials made in their name.

This is not just one incident – it is all incidents – which makes picking up a community newspaper a better bet – if one wants to avoid open campaigning by the press.

The vet’s, WWII to Iraq and Afghanistan, some maimed in the line of duty, deserve better from the Press.

If the Tea Party were truly “vetted” by the press, they may even covert – as the message is generally Libertarian in nature.

If they paid attention, they would find the Tea Party not overly found of the Republican’s and vice-versa, yet, the name is consistently tied – mostly because the Tea Party members who ran for seats and won in both Houses of Congress were generally running against Republicans as Republicans. In the smaller races, local races, they are running as and winning as Democrats, especially in so called “blue states”. They have not stopped to do their homework; they have grabbed a party line and ran with it. They are always surprised when they are out of a job – darn that internet.

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