Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ted Cruz 2016- Why WaPost’s Cillizza Suggests He’s Not Concerned – Why Both Right and Left Beat Up On Ted Cruz

There’s an interesting piece in the Washington Post, written by Chris Cillizza, who suggests that Cruz is simply not worried about 2016 now, as he’s building his credibility with the base, in order to win the primary-what comes after the primary will take care of itself - which is possibly the most common sense column I’ve seen this particular columnist.

The fact are rather simple when it comes to times of opportunity, with a President whose falling poll numbers will make it difficult to take on the campaign trail in support of those eager Democrat primary participants, while policies of the administration have floundered, to the point where Democrats are concerned and the Right-Wing is livid – Cruz, the lonely voice at the Top of the Hill (along with other Libertarian minded Republican’s who are also Tea Party Supported, has had his hat handed to him by screaming Senators from the Republican side, as well as the Congressional Rep, King from NY, who’s on every talk show he can find, eviscerating Cruz.

Interesting, is it not? Or common sense in a very Reagan way – not that Cruz and Reagan have all that much in common, oh some things, but…overall it’s time to stop comparing to Reagan and looking for the next Reagan and start looking for the right candidate.

The right candidate can draw the base, talk common sense to the regular guy and be who he is, regardless of whether major political party heads like him or not. It’s a populace stance – most often taken by the libertarian minded, or the independent minded.

What makes it interesting, more than anything is that in the past, there have been winners of Straw polls on both sides, that basically don’t amount to a hill of beans, however, Cruz’s popularity at the unforgiving values voter summit, where he won the straw poll (Time) speaks volumes.

The summit is sponsored by The Family Research Council, which is a division of Focus on the Family. Not for nothing, there is an influential wing of the Republican – or Independent Parties, that is the Evangelical Church and its leaders who have an immense amount of influence over upwards of twenty million voters. If they do not get out and vote for a particular candidate that candidate loses the election.

The Tea Party, love or loath, also has a rather large base and it can be unforgiving at the same time. If one does not get the total support of said Tea Party, one can just about hang it up.

Did John McCain have the wholehearted support of both? Did Mitt Romney? –That’s the big questions – if 25 million voters (and that’s a conservative estimate) stayed out of Presidential contests in the last 3 elections, (or a percent of them), what possibly occurred?

What would occur if a candidate had the wholehearted support of both – as well as those “low information voters” who pull a lever for the Party?

That’s what the Insiders know; especially those Republican’s shouting the loudest.

There’s a reason that Ted Cruz is not worried, not worried in the least. There’s also the point that he might not really care a whit about anything but doing what is Constitutionally correct, with this particular Senator from Texas, that’s a tough call.

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