Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Two Party System Leaves Something To be Desired – Nation weary of both Democrats and Republicans – Time for Tea to Brand – Stand alone - Essay

There have been more polls done recently regarding the two party system, or more specifically the members of Congress and the way American’s respond to those two parties as they work, or don’t work in concert with one another. There is the content refusal to negotiate on behalf of the American People, be it ego or arrogance on the side of one Party, while the other party pushes back – yet so terrified that the public will “dislike” them, while doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Polling pushes policies ad politicians – therefore, Congress needs to be watchful of the American people.

A poll released recently by Rasmussen Reports, finds that 47% percent of the American public believes that neither party represents them.; Further the questions: used in the polling here leave no room for error on this one point, the public, or the majority if one did have a third party – would (in theory) kick the current Congress to the curb and bring into national focus a Third Party

If it were one poll that suggested this trend, one could pooh-pooh it easily; however, there are more, in fact several more. At www.pollingreport.com/politics: Although few changes have occurred in the level of individuals who feel they are members of the “Tea Party movement”, (ABC Wall Street Journal – ongoing poll), Gallup’s ongoing poll on Third Parties has reach the 60% mark Other polling to suggest a shift away from the two-party dual, and dueling system, yet the Tea Party Movement – is not identified as particularly well-known or inviting.

It is branding perhaps, or the constant harassment form the media, or even more so – the tie between Tea Party members and the GOP – which, are, in essence, akin to having apples and oranges in the same study.

Although the formal formation of a political party is a rather long and arduous proposition, taking years, if not decades to complete – the groundwork for the Tea Party is well established, and registering in each state would, if pressed, take perhaps a year or more. One might hypothesize that were voters at this juncture and in this time, see the Tea Party – (not movement), as an alternative to either the Standard GOP or the Standard Democrat, the nod would go to the least objectionable party - Cup of Tea, please.

It is the fear of funding, and having allies in both houses, one might presume that keeps the Movement from breaking ties with the standard Republican Party – However, as of late, one finds high-profile members, who are of Tea Party origin, bucking the system, while trying to appears at least modestly simpatico with the Rank and File GOP members of whichever house that member belongs. One finds that the media sees this as a bad break for the GOP, however, surely they did not miss the break between the centrist Democrats and the more radical Progressives during the 2008 Presidential Primary Season – one might not be familiar with PUMA – an acronym that was widely used in protest of the Super-Majority vote (Supermajority are members of a party in positions of elected officials or former elected officials) for Barack Obama to be the 2008 Presidential candidate, and not Hillary Clinton who had, at that time, the popular vote of the Democrat primary. PUMA – Party Unity My Ass – apparently fell by the wayside for simply Lack of Coverage by the media.

Therefore both parties had problems, yet dissimilar, within the Democrat Party there was an actual schism, in the case of the Republican Party – one finds invaders for lack of a better word, or wolves in sheep’s clothing, running as Republican’s, yet – being Libertarian or Conservatives of a different brand. Having gone to a handful of Tea Party Meetings in their original state, one found, contrary to media hype, few Republicans. The majority were “other party” designations, with a smattering of disenfranchised (PUMA) democrats, and Republicans who would take no more RHINO’s – which suggested an organization based on ideology from multiple sources, allowing each voice to be heard – In other words, or for lack of a better turn of phrase, a “People’s Party”.The “Tea” is simply symbolic of the anti-tax movement began in the nation, before it was formally a nation.

The strategy by those members, regardless of the political ideology has been to run in the party closest to their ideology – and one might guess that they have members with some experience in all levels of government, from the local, to the state, to the national stage – which, if those members were to be organized into one party – would certainly replace our current system in say one election.

As 2014 approaches, and the tie-in between Republican-Tea Party becomes more urgent by the press, with perhaps, a bit of help from some standard long entrenched McCainian style GOP members, the fear of losing the comfort of the two party system rears.

There was nothing the nations rejected more than the two-party system, if one were versed in the letters and arguments taking place pre and post Constitutional Convention – it would be clear that it was greatly feared, that the Federal Government would end up with more power than intended – based on an elite society made of up – the two political parties. How prophetic!

It is, indeed, time for a Cup of Tea, or a similar matrix, regardless of the time it takes, one hopes it is getting off the ground now, as there appears that the American people need a third choice more than ever.

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