Friday, October 18, 2013

Just how Dangerous is Ted Cruz to the Status Quo? Read, Hear & See all about it – Cruz Mania (or Cruz Obsession) Hold media in thrall. Just how important is Ted Cruz – See Previous Question.

Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator from the State of Texas is perhaps the most talked about, derided individual in this nation, outside of the President, who receives press every day – and not just a little press, or a mention here and there – it is literally hundreds of articles – posts, and pundits blathering on about what they know best.

The Left hates him, even the Republicans hate him! Look John McCain hates him! There’s the proof. He is one of those “Tea Party Crazy’s, “He’s only in it for the Money”, and best idiocy yet on the Cruz Bruising – Take for example, one pundit for the Seattle Post Intelligencer who fancies himself a playwright of sorts, writing a one-act-one-man play – He Is Ted Cruz! The article entitled “what Ted Cruz didn’t say” - one can feel the panic, hatred, and partisanship in each and every sentence. This is an op-ed (perhaps) but one that is no different that the fight between the newspapers.

Apparently the Houston Chronicle wrote an article that, many newspapers and new sites felt mean that the Chronicle rescinded their endorsement of Cruz. The Los Angeles Times Ted Cruz Loses Endorsement Houston Chronicle, and across the nation, it was written for the smallest of followings in media to see! – Apparently, these that wish to make news out of no news due to political idiocy and hated – forgot to mention that the Houston Chronicle, upon hearing of the supposed un-endorsement – went ballistic and demanded the retract and fix their silly little articles.

There are far too mention, but one get’s the gist. They have accused him of being stupid (He has a better educational pedigree than most men in Washington Seats of Power, including the White House. He has been accused of “doing it for the money”, as his campaign coffers were suddenly brimming after his 21 hour plus stand in the Senate and his continual refusal to bend to the will of the old guard republicans.

Therein lays the problem, the polling can’t be good – with unheard of unhappiness registers from the American People toward the economy, the direction the country is headed in, Congress (and by Congress that includes Democrats and Republicans, as well as the debt, and especially Obama care and entitlements in general. Ted Cruz speaks to the other 60 to 80% who don’t approve of any of it.

That’s a pretty big chuck of change, and he does it all with sincerity – darn him.

With the left ready to roll out their preferred candidate –half-term Senator Elizabeth Warren, as the New Improved Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 –those on the left are working diligently talking to anyone who will listen (26% of the populace) and demeaning Cruz as much as possible, he is seen as the biggest threat. On the flip side, are the rank and file, deeply entrenched so-called moderate Republican’s who everyone loves now, but when one of them is running for the highest office, they are excoriated by the press. – They must surely have memories that serve at least 8 years back, so one would think that these McCain’s, Grahams, Collins and the like could not possibly be that stupid as to buck the most popular guy in what is left of their party.

The only thing these few groups (Republican who fear/loath Cruz, the Democrats (all of them) and the Press (Democrat all of them) have in common is they are taking positions that may herald or mimic, Custards Last Stand. By that, the two-party system stranglehold on this nation has run its course and they are now in danger of having to share the stage with another party. Even if that Party comes from within the ranks of another. It is, by the by, the way it is historically accomplished.

What happens next? Time will tell, but projecting a bit, One does not really know which of the bold new Libertarian’s will don the mantle of Presidential candidate – one would think it would be at least one who had a perfect showing at the Value Voters Conference or Summit, and also was able to connect to those in the base with an energy almost hinging on star quality. It is the left, Democrats, and the Old Guard Republicans (Including the RNC who is out begging to put individuals on payment plans in pleading phone calls, in a script so similar to the DNC, one might think they are sharing the same call center) who are watching the end of the Good Old Boy era and they don’t like giving any control back to “We the People”. They also know, in their hearts of hearts that they have no one on deck that would be capable of mounting a campaign absent the likes of a Cruz, Lee, or Paul.

As the 2013 year ends, and 2014 rounds the bend, one might see more than a few challenges mounted against sitting incumbent Republicans in both the House and the Senate, and possibly a few Democrats, and that is what concerns them most – they know this is going to happen and they know that darn, Cat I the Hat, will come back to bite them – They can always go on the talk circuit. My bet is though that they will suddenly be fawning all over the “new Republican’s”.

Ted Cruz, who’s news mentions continue to pile up more than any single politician in American – negative or no – is doing the nation a service – and all the negatives that came be dreamed up – will turn positive once the general rolls around. Reading tea leaves is not always the best way to form an opinion; however, one has to ask, what other reason would there be? If he were, say, of little consequence as implied, or too green, or what have you, would they really spend all of this time and talent on making sure he is derided? (Along with anyone that remotely smacks of “Tea Party”. One thinks – no.

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