Monday, September 09, 2013

The Great History Debate – Religion and Politics from the Right – and the Left – Who’s Right?

From Politico comes an interesting article regarding a man known as an Historian from the right - ” Historian remains key ally of right”, offers some insight into Historian, David Barton, who suggests that the U.S. was founded on Christian Principles, and goes further in a book written on Thomas Jefferson, which suggests that Jefferson was looking for a state that was not separate from religion. The man is an advisor past and present to key political figures on the right – Huckabee, Cruz, Santorum as recent.

One has to understand that the different theories regarding the science of History is subjective according to the Historian’s take on a specific period (which would include the individuals of the time). It is a science in so much as one must have letters, artifacts, and accounts of the period in order for form an educated account/opinion of what had taken place.

As regards to our founders, the arguments surrounding their religious affiliations as well as their intent in writing the documents that would form the basis for our nation are readily available, both in the documents themselves, as well as letters written back and forth between the men who wrote said documents – easily found in the “Federalist Papers”. Dry reading to some and in a form of English that is most likely not understood by today’s students (for the most part, given the dismal state of education in this nation). Suffice it to say, that when one looks at the formation of the nation from Jamestown to Plymouth, there were actually two driving factors – the first was money –the second religion – a Christian religion. Like it or not, that is a fact.

Those that came seeking freedom to practice their religion as they saw fit, without interference from a crown that demanded one form of worship – were financed by individuals seeking a return on their investment.

The Pilgrims at Plymouth brought with them a harsh brand of Christianity, so much so that the State of Rhode Island was formed by those wishing to practice a different brand of – Christianity.

In writing the Documents that formed our nation, the writers were – different sects of Christens.

It is without question that the laws brought down by Moses factored heavily in the creation of document founding the Republic under which we live.

However, one might not get inside the mind of a centuries dead founded, unless one has access to the letters written by that individual – and those are readily available to those who would be able to – read.

Some religious consider this proof positive that the intent was to have a biblically based society – which, in essence, it was so – however, as Christian sects are consistently bucking one another as to which is “right” and which is “wrong “about religious specifics – those founders suggested that there be no one religion established in our nation - (i.e. a theocratic republic) rather that the choice of religion would be left to the individual rather than the state – thus we have “Separation of Church and State” – most often misunderstood and misinterpreted or manipulated- one can take their choice.

Therefore, to have the Historians who lean conservative (of which there are few and far between), one must understand they have a penchant for researching the letters and books written by said founders and forming an opinion - so do those on the left, who may do the same, but, as is the nature of Progressives, make the story a bit more in line with their ideology – otherwise known as – rewriting history.

The only way to really get to the bottom of a certain Historical argument, one must read the books/articles/letters – to form an educated option, - boring, true, but to get to the actual gist of the facts one must learn to do so – finding those on the right, with their quirks, are not called “right” for nothing.

The nation, One nation Under God, had its humble beginnings invested in all things Godly – that’s an indisputable fact – as we are a young nation historically – the documents exist to support the science. The Progressive School of thought is that the “masses” would not be able to handle the “truth of history” – as it refers to the political agenda that drives the movement – rather than enabling all to be educated, one might be able to control a group of individuals that were – less than educated in the facts of history – as one is first given to understand – History – repeats itself – given time.

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