Wednesday, September 11, 2013

President Obama’s Speech on Syria – Failure to Convince – Analysis – The President Needs a New Speechwriter

Monday morning quarterbacking is always the rule of thumb for both amateur and professional pundits and with the President’s speech on Syria last evening, there is plenty of fodder available – thus adding two cents is a natural inclination for this blogger.

Understanding the text of the speech as written here: at - the first mistake was not having another speechwriter take a crack at it.

It was apparent from the beginning of the delivery to the final painful minutes that the President did not particularly believe what he was saying – in parts of the speech, specifically as it related to actual “war”.

As the speech sent two or three messages – from the need to attack, the actual fact that the U.S would attack (Syria) to the President playing nice and asking Congress for permission to attack – and it was with immediacy – then switching gears and speaking to the Putin’s rescue of the world, back to having Congress not vote on authorizing force – yet keeping the military at the ready – it is no wonder that those watching were somewhat confused! (Ft. Way News Journal –AP)

Therein lay the problem mixed messaging delivered by an individual who appeared totally uncomfortable about the message – two things were striking. One, that the children were the important aspect of his interest in the Syrian matter – that is without a doubt a moment of sincerity, and secondly, that he was not enamored of war at all and would prefer a peaceful solution. Other than those two instances – it was difficult to believe that the President believed a word he was saying.

This is the takeaway from a personal perspective. The man has been in office for two terms, he has never preferred military action, and is not familiar with the workings, relying on advisors, he prefers to wait for an answer to come – an epiphany if one will to any given global or local situation that deserves of military intervention. That epiphany may take weeks, or months – it is not that he is a coward, or that he has no ability, he appears to be a man who does not wish to dirty his hands with conflict and would wish anyone else would make that decision. The aforementioned explains a lot – as to why we were a dollar short and a day late on Iran in 2009 – which would have quelled the nonsense in the middle east, had those opposing the regime been supported and allowed to have their way. Then Libya, Egypt, etc – world leaders supported, then abandoned – much like Staten Island in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

It is the crushing weight of the decisions to make, and not have made in time, that appears to weigh heavy.

If only the speech had touched on the following points: There is evil afoot in Syria, they have used chemical weapons on their own people. I had contemplated a strike on Syria, which I feel would have been justified. However, understanding the lack of support by the American People and the willingness of the Russians to intervene, we can rest a little easier tonight. The Russian intervention was likely due to my saber rattling, and for that contribution we are grateful. The Syrians have decided to come clean to Russia, and the world, and will allow the destruction of their chemical weapons. WE will make sure of that. Should they pull a fast one – then our military will be able to strike. I don’t plan on a ground war, rather, I’ll lob one of those pin-point targeted missiles we own (remember Saddam's sons?), right at the Regimes living room – that will end the problem – for us. Now I can move on to domestic issues. Thank you and goodnight.

That would have been more believable.

Right now, this late in his Presidency – he needs to take care with his speeches, and to make sure that he is who is really is at all times – so that he is comfortable and therefore believable.

This is all tongue in cheek, as anyone with sense knows that the man is a Politician – and that few if any politicians actually say what they mean, but – there is hope – it always springs eternal – He needs a new speechwriter. – or he should start writing his own.

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