Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Colorado Gun Restrictions – Dem’s Loose two Seats – Is it About Guns or Civil Liberties?

In a recent upset during a recall election in Colorado, two Democrat state reps lost their seats at the table, when the supported strict gun control legislation. According to the New York Times article – both Angela Giron of Pueblo and John Morse of Colorado Springs lost seats to Republicans in their respective districts. The Times points out the money spent by both sides of the gun control debate, as well as one of the districts voter registration make-up, being slightly less Democrat than the other – there was no other explanation of what the resounding defeat in an otherwise Democrat state might have been the cause (New York Times)

Colorado has passed more “liberal” leaning laws, including lifting restrictions of the use and sale of Marijuana (and then promptly taxed it to the extent that there are now protests! (Huffington Post). Seriously, what did they expect? In a state where the Democrats control the legislature, one might anticipate a tax on just about anything that moves – (See Massachusetts – tax on Dogs) – therefore, the legalized marijuana offered an opportunity for more – taxes, to fund more schools, ebt cards, programs, programs, programs.

That said, in such as state it is more than being outspent on advertising that ousted two Democrats who were in sync with the party line of “control the guns” – It is a growing distaste by the American Public for one more rule to follow and one more tax to pay. Little by little there has been an erosion of our economy, big-brother is constantly watching, fishing is regulated down to the recreational level, and one might pick any other subject that interferes with Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to find it has been taxed, removed or trampled upon.

That might be the reason why there is a sudden interest in those who are more “Libertarian” in nature, a growing sense that neither major political party has the “right stuff”, nor perhaps, just perhaps, it is time for something new. In cases where one sees the opportunity to vote the individual who’s party represents the remove of rights, (the Democrats), then they look to the opposition. If that happens to be a Republican (most often in DC, one can’t tell the difference between the two), then so be it – if that individual is a Jeffersonian Republican (i.e. Libertarian) all the better.

The Libertarian’s scream Liberty – it’s in the name, thus truth in advertising – and for all the common sense about throwing a vote away in favor of a party that has dose not stand a chance at a national office – (thinking 2014 and 2016), then one might look towards those Libertarians who are co-opting the Republican Party. They are Tea Party and Progressive at the same time, and a bit difficult to figure out for most that have to neatly stick a politician under one or the other category – left or right – they are – more – Independent.

This is why the media tags Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) with the “Tea Party” label as often as possible lately – knowing they are both potential 2016 candidates. The “Tea Party” label may have been the “kiss of death” in 2012, but..that was then and the entire nation is not as narrow minded or gullible as the east and west coast elites and especially the political class.

In the gun debate, it is not the right to shoot whomever one pleases or own tanks that is at issue, it is the concept that drives individuals to the polls, even those who never intend to own a gun, are now looking at the issue as ever increasing Federal encroachment – even at the State level. One cannot otherwise explain the rush for gun permits by thousands upon thousands of individuals in the wake of the announcement that Gun Control was part of the national spotlight.

Background checks are always on the table; one might be insane to think that would not be reasonable. If one is looking to carry concealed, then surely a fingerprint test at the local PD would be sufficient to determine if that individual was – oh – dangerous. To reduce the number of bullets one might put in a magazine does nothing – one bullet, one knife, on baseball bat is all it takes to kill someone, therefore, the over the top reaction to “keep the children safe” (while adding more regulations and of course, taxes and government jobs (even more taxes), and licensing) may have been partly well meant, but a simply crafted legislation on the state level modifying any loose ends as far as identifying who might be buying a gun (i.e. the simple background check) would have kept those two Democrats safely in their seats.

The panic over Obama care – now evident on both the right and the left, allowed a small group of Liberty minded (Libertarian) lawmakers to postpone voting on the budget apparently, there is a split in the GOP, according to USA today, but they fail to mention the Democrats who have become increasingly reluctant to go forth with the law. (USA Today) This is simply because it has reduced our liberties – nothing more, nothing less. It has costs jobs in the private sector, and increased jobs at the IRS, it does include those darn death panels, and restricts access to health care, especially for seniors. It was a badly crafted bill from the get-go – and now individuals are growing increasingly aware and they are not happy.

From fraud and abuse by those on entitlement programs, to the increasing costs of food and fuel, to the general malaise that has settled like the ghost of Jimmy Carter’s presidency upon the formerly fruited plains – something has to give. It started in Colorado, and one might suggest it will not end there.

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