Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Use of Dating by CE – Confuses – Comments on Jerusalem Gold Find at the Temple Mount Spur Debate!

Apparently the modern use of the abbreviation for dating are somewhat confusing to some – the more modern use of the CE/BCE (Common Era – Before Common Era) are dates aligned with the abbreviations AD/BC – or more commonly After Divinity and Before Christ – A discussion (Comments) regarding this date format came up in an interesting article at Ynet news – “Rare golden treasure found in Jerusalem” – discussing a find of gold coins, a gold menorah and such found at the Temple Mount and dated at approximately 600 CE – (or 600 AD).(Read entire article here

The Ynet article goes on to discuss a period where the Jews, Christians and Persians were living in Jerusalem and the Persians and Christians then ousted the Jews. (A period that was well before the crusades – therefore a more local disagreement.) As the finds suggests the Jewish people had been in Jerusalem consistently throughout history and solidifying their claim of ownership in the City/State.

There is more under and at the Temple Mount – the “holy site” where the Jews will build a third Temple, however – it is currently a Muslim Holy site – when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem several years after the death of the profit. There ensued a bit of a war between the Meccan’s and those from Medina who were fighting with the Syrian Muslims. A Caliph (ruler) from Syria, suggested that they make Jerusalem a substitute place of pilgrimage and built the Mosque of Omar in 691, followed in 715 by a mosque built on the Temple Mount. History of Jerusalem

The comments are not about the fabulous find, rather they are more religious and educational in context, as some are not sure that Christian’s expelled Jews from Israel, and suggested that the Romans were feeding both to the Lion’s – History suggests otherwise – and the CE confuses. What has been declared by many educators as the dummying down of America is perhaps, a worldwide phenomenon as History and basic civics are no longer subject matter in lower grade levels, and sometimes merely glossed over as an overview course in secondary schools and college. There are, sadly, many that do not know where we (globally) came from, or for that matter do they care, as History is a boring subject – so one might think.

However, those who are vested in the subject, find that more often than not, patterns develop over periods of time, and that the repetitive nature of man to make the same mistakes over and over again, is deeply rooted in historical repetition. A case in point for introducing the subject at an earlier age and more in depth for those students who wish to avoid the downfall of a nation, for example.

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