Thursday, September 05, 2013

2014 Charlie Baker Will Run for Massachusetts’ Governor’s Office – Second Run Announced Via Social Media

NECN Reports that Republican, Charlie Baker, will make a second run at the MA Governor’s office. Baker made his announcement via social media rather than the expected Press Conference. Baker who ran against incumbent Democrat Governor, Duval Patrick in 2010, lost by a small margin of 6 points to Patrick – both faced former Democrat, Tim Cahill who garnered 8% of the vote, with the state split between Baker and Patrick by county. Head to Head, Baker won heavy population counties, Essex, Plymouth and Worcester by 4 or more points, Norfolk by .1 point, and Barnstable, a lower population county by 3 points. Patrick took Bristol and Middlesex by 5 plus margins, Suffolk (Boston) a smaller county by 20 points, lower population areas, Dukes and Nantucket by a larger margin, with the Western side of the state, Hampshire, Berkshire and Franklin County coming in by 20 plus points, and Hamden, the most populated county west of Worcester, by the lowest margin of 5 points. (New York Times)

Massachusetts, however, tends to turn red on occasion, and Baker has shown strength in the 3 way 2010 race. Moderate Democrats tended to lean towards Cahill, who swayed the race in Patrick’s direction. Without a stronger, high-profile Democrat turned Independent in the race, and a likely more Progressive Democrat running against Baker, all bets will be off until the dust settles.

Massachusetts, known as the “bluest state” is home to Cambridge and Amherst, Progressive conclaves that are locally given the moniker “the People’s Republic of…”, the balance of the state tends to be Independent, with 50% of total registered voters noting a status of “unenrolled” in either party.

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