Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Should we Stay or Should we Go – Mixed Emotions On Syria – Clouding Moral Imperative – Opinion

The debate has been raging for far too long, be it the administration or those forces both right and left who are weighing in on a pending strike in Syria over the regimes use of chemical weapons on its peoples. Regardless of one’s political aspirations and/or bent, it is always a fair manner in which we, as a nation, have weighed use of military force to free a people of a madman. The evidence is growing (and has been there for sometime – that chemical weapons were used in the Middle East, be it in Iraq, when Saddam Hussein murdered the Kurds, or now, in Syria, as a means to eradicate the rebel forces. The innocents suffer – that’s the end of the game.

French intelligence is insisting that the use of chemical weapons on innocents is taking place as reported by the French – The Local, the government is now sharing images with the public – and they are disturbing. The U.S. has been bickering over a military strike, as Britain’s usual backbone crumbled, and the Russians are warning against a strike on an area of the world in which they actively arm those that support cruel regimes.

Therefore, as the UN is now wondering what Lebanon is going to do with a million Syrian refugees and that agency is weighing which political moves made be at hand to stop the murders (Financial Times) – our President has politically stepped back to get an approval from Congress, and those members who are, for political, not ideological reasons, bucking Obama, should knock it off – and now.

There is a great deal at stake here for the U.S. as it stands in the world, and should we, as a people, or our leaders, more specifically, show division and distrust in our leadership, over party politics at a time when innocents are being murdered – it will send a stronger message to those who would harm their own, and us as well.

For one, never being a war-monger and as a mother, always praying for deterrents - it is those images of women and children that always haunt and bring out the U.S. A. in a soul. If we, as a nation, have the ability to stop murder, then we should use the full force of our military to do so. That does not mean putting boots on the ground, but a sustained and massive strike on strategic targets (airfield, palaces, and military command centers) would be a great start.

There will be risks, to be sure, perhaps a few Russians who are helping the regime might fall, or perhaps, once the dictator is no longer, a more militant group will be in power, or perhaps, just perhaps there will be fewer civilian deaths, and those contemplating similar action will think twice before proceeding. One must prefer the later. We, as a nation, are not the world’s policemen, which is often the argument used. However, we are, are at least appear to be a moral nation, one which, when shown atrocities, move to prevent father harm to the innocent.

Timing and decisiveness may not be the strong suit of this Administration, where in 2009 in Iran, an opportunity was lost while the world, waited and waited to weigh in, giving the Mullah’s time to bring in reinforcements to put down a massive revolt. That said, an opportunity to right a wrong has existed for months, and as the evidence is at hand, the I’s dotted the t’s crossed, it is time to put politics aside, and do the right thing.

It really makes one wonder, if the left (i.e. Pelosi and Reid) are suddenly Hawks, and the right, (pick a name, any name) are suddenly Doves, something smacks of political gain all the way around. The public may not have a taste for war, but this is not war, per se, it is a rescue mission. Again, it is a moral imperative that a nation with as many resources at hand as has the U.S. – intervene.

Note on Title, loosely based on lyrics by the Clash – appropriate in this situation.

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