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2016 Presidential Speculation on Cruz and Clinton – Longshoreman Opt Out of AFLCIO over – Obama care

Image of Senator Ted Cruz and article from Western Free Press - "Ted Cruz Close to tie with Hillary Clinton in CO

Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas, as of now, garners more headlines than any potential (speculated) 2016 candidate for President. The latest, an appearance at an event hosted by the Tea Party Group, Americans for Prosperity, in Tampa, FL. The Washington Post suggests in an article written over the Labor Day Weekday that Cruz enjoys a clear edge among tea party activist, at this particular summit. Cruz, who is not particularly shy about telling those in the media what he thinks, (and why he’s right) is one of the most compelling potential candidates with a Libertarian leaning. (One which dictates smaller federal government, more states rights, a peaceful rather than Hawkish approach to military involvement (unless directly attacked). In other words, a perfect example of someone the nation’s founders would have embraced. The more one hears from Ted Cruz, and the apparent heartburn he causes the establishment GOP (i.e. the McCain’s), the elite media, and the White House, the more his stock rises. Cruz has given no indication of a run for the oval office, as of yet.

Hillary Clinton - Image from Infographic.com where one will find a - Ted Cruz Vs. Hillary Poll

Hillary Clinton inspired an op-ed that seems to make the most sense one might have read recently. From the Pittsburgh Tribune, Douglas Mackinnon, noted as a former White House and Pentagon official, opined that its’ “Too early to crown Hillary” He suggests that the National GOP and the media have gotten it wrong re: Hillary Clinton’s strength as a candidate in the not so distant past – i.e. 2008 – where Barack Obama came out of “nowhere”. He also correctly asserts that Elizabeth Warren may be a challenger.

If one were to bet on anything, it will be that the National GOP sticks its head in the sand, far too long to recognize the real challengers (i.e. the Warren’s), while prepping what they feel is a suitable candidate (one can bet it will not be Ted Cruz). It is hoped that with all hoopla that surrounds a Presidential Primary season, that Cruz, or someone who is similar in stand and clear chutzpah, will give both the National GOP and the Progressive Wing of the Democrat Party a real kick in the pants – all the way to the White House.

Cruz has been one of the strongest opponents in the Capital to Obama care – wishing to stop it by defunding the program – He is not alone in his angst regarding the disaster that is “Obama care”- Surprising Company, according to Labor Notes.org are the members of the Longshoremen Unions, who recently split form the AFLCIO – over Obama care and Immigration.

n a surprise move, the 40,000-member International Longshore and Warehouse Union announced its disaffiliation from the AFL-CIO yesterday. The news comes just a week before the federation is set to hold its national convention in Los Angeles, the nation’s biggest port and an ILWU stronghold. –

Lockstep with Obama

“[The AFL-CIO] wants to organize these big conventions, and rally to pat themselves on the back, doing nothing to promote the working-class,” said ILWU Coast Committeeman, Leal Sundet, who supported the union’s decision to disaffiliate.

The ILWU supports a national single-payer health care system, while the AFL-CIO is “in lockstep with Obama,” Sundet said. He criticized the federation for being unwilling to discuss the shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act, which discriminates against union Taft-Hartley benefit plans and will impose a so-called “Cadillac tax” on generous benefit plans.

Sundet also chided the federation’s position on immigration reform. The AFL-CIO is backing a bill that he contends will only make things harder for working-class immigrants, because it is “designed to give [only] highly-paid workers a real path to citizenship.”

Letter re: ILWU Disaffilation - here at scribd.com

Strange bedfellows indeed – but that speaks volumes about those elites pushing the Program regardless of the harm to the nation’s health care delivery system.

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