Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Tom Udall – Understanding Nation Weary of War and the Risks of Grandstanding in the Middle East.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul shown above in photo from U.S. News

From: US News and World Report - an article detailing the objections of certain Libertarian minded Republicans and Democrats, who wish to take more care in sending American Military into yet another conflict in the Middle East.(US News) Although the headline suggests this article is about the schism between old-guard hawks and a new breed of Republicans, it misses the main point – that Paul and Udell, a Democrat, co-sponsored a bill that would prevent funding of such a war effort. Cruz has notably stood against involvement in the Syrian conflict.

It is interesting in that the Middle East, in a never ending series of battles over the past 5000 years, has in the later centuries been subject to some intervention, and generally speaking, it does not turn out so well for the interveners. It is one thing if a nation were to directly attack the U.S. and did the Taliban in 2001, however, as the wars progressed, it became increasingly clear that the public has to taste for more of the same, and the treasury is also not in the best of shape, given the demands made by the entitlement society which it supports.

That said there were many a chance “missed” in these adventures, such as encouragement from the sidelines in the 2009 Iranian Revolution, which fell flat with zero support from the U.S. Had those students fighting for a more sectarian Iran have succeeded, one wonders if that would have settled the region, even somewhat. Iran being the agitator between Lebanon to Damascus to Iraq – it is an opportunity lost and the results of cozying up to those one might not understand, has also cost the U.S., given Egypt as an example – encouraging a radical group such as the Muslim Brotherhood, was a mistake, to further support their involvement in a fledgling Democracy – which immediately became a theocracy – was simply stupid. One might argue, had they been left to their own devices, the U.S. would have another friendly Democracy in the Middle East. One must count Israel, who has been the U.S. Ally for a century and is now – not so much- or so it would appear.

These men are not necessarily the face of any one party; rather they are the face of common sense – which in a time of economic turmoil and a weary nation is the best medicine. Send strongly worded speeches and platitudes and/or arm those fighting to the teeth – rather than let the world know the US. will be bombing again. It rings hollow. A no fly zone, and some food, clothing, munitions would better serve the efforts of those who would be free.

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