Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eugenics – Alive and Well in California – The left and the cost of living – abortions, sterilizations and death panels


There is an article of interest at Red State today: The title:” Coerced Sterilization In California Prisons”, written by a contributor: streiff The article is worth the read as it reminds some of us that a tad older, of the acceptance by some in society of a time one would have though, would have been long gone – the age of eliminating those in society who were considered – less than human.

It is not a shock to those who have studied American History to any extent, that there are government and private agencies that were proponents of Eugenics. However, what is disturbing is that the belief is still held by some in authority today, and the rest of the nation is oblivious.

Eugenics: as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary online: “a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed”.

Boil that down to those the hold the belief that anyone who presents a disability, or a non-desirable trait, be it physical, psychological, ethnicity, race or religion, should be either imprisoned, or eliminated entirely. The belief that those who are ‘perfect’ by their own standards, have the ability to take a life, or main an individual or imprison an individual or hold back care for an individual suggests that they are in need of therapy. Unfortunately, the inmates, in this case are running the asylum.

Eugenics and its proponents, include well known historical figures such as Margaret Stanger, the founder of planned parenthood – a woman who held the belief that through the use of sterilization and abortion, the nation would rid itself of undesirable groups. (PBS) In the Red State article that discusses the use of sterilization in California prisons today – by force, not consent of the patient is astounding.

It does not take a leap of the imagination or some modest study, to find that those who are behind mass abortions, sterilizations and programs that provide a fee in exchange for individuals who are drug addicted to have either abortions or be sterilized, are targeting women. These same organizations are, in the same instance, controlling the population by weeding out those they consider undesirable and preventing those who might lack genetic perfection from reproducing.

The slippery slope, at first an antiquated term such as eugenics, and the process of eliminating non-desirable groups through either forced sterilization or abortion, primarily in the name of economics, the State and Human perfection, with current laws in place advocating “death panels” in national health care mandates, the ability for those who are in the position and hold eugenic ideologies, to withhold care from the elderly, the disabled, those who are less than perfect, now exists.

Read the Red State Article and learn more about Eugenics, the theory and practice as well as the laws still on the books allowing for forced sterilization www.redstate.com/2013/08/26/coerced-sterlization-in-califonrina-prisons

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