Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Way Out of Obamacare – Defund – The Republican Base Approval of Cruz Plan On the Move – 2014 – Change is Coming

Sarah Palin on the Stump for Cruz in Texas - image from

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has been suggesting that the budget of the U.S. could move forward without funding Obama Care (or the Affordable Health Care Act), and on that point he is correct. The Government, contrary to what is being touted by the Administration would not come to a screeching halt. Most recently support has been growing form the more Conservative wing of the Republican Base as evidenced by Sarah Palin lending her support to Cruz’s drive to Defund the behemoth program(Examiner) Palin still holds considerable sway with the base, however, she is not alone in her endorsement of the plan. George P. Bush of the Texas Bush family also supports the plan (burtorangereport). The option of defunding the program through a budgetary procedure would give a way out to those in the Congress from both sides of the aisle that are now uncertain as to the value of the plan. (See Politico: Democrats fret over Obamacare as 2014 looms” (Politico)

What those members of both parties who support the plan, without hesitation on both sides of the aisle may have cause for concern. The latest Rasmussen Polling on the subject finds that 42% of Republicans are in favor of shutting down the government (which is not technically what Cruz is proposing) in order to rid the country of that program. (Rasmussen Reports) Rasmussen polled Republican leaning voters for this survey, had the polled Democrat leaning voters, the question remains – would they also have been as willing to shut it down? More than likely – as jobs are scarce, and employers who are reducing benefits and hours are not shy about telling employees the reason behind their hard decisions – Obamacare. One might suggest those workers are not all Republicans.

Those most in danger of losing their jobs in Washington are those Senators and Congressional Representatives who do not support a shutdown – in fear of becoming unpopular (i.e. unelectable) with the press, and by extension the public. They should rethink that strategy as primaries will loom and the press and general public are not likely to vote. It will be fairly easy to predict some mightily upheaval on the Republican side of the aisle should those August (installed for life) members of both Chambers are ousted in favor of a candidate who will do the job that is in the best interest of the public, not the best interest of the party or for personal gain. One might suggest the same will occur on the opposite side of the aisle, as the base of the Democrat Party has become more progressively left – those who even smack of moderate will face challenges. If one thinks there is division now, wait until the dust settles after the 2014 election – and this is one issue that will drive the debate on both sides.

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