Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iran – Supplying Hardware and Now Software to Hammas to Attack Isreal - Where’s the outrage?

It is a fact that Iran has, in the past, supplied Hamas with
rockets and “militants” that were trained in Iran.
Some analysts refer to this “supply” of weapons to Hamas as a “proxy” war being waged by Iran and Syria. The world view, is that somehow, Israel must be to blame, regardless of the rhetoric from Iran’s leader, which suggests that Israel should not exist and apparently Iran will do anything possible to see that happen.

Understanding that the economic crisis is global, it is no wonder then, that Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is now seeking, suicide bombers, to get the job done? The Boston Globe picked up this intel from the AP. From the AP report, it appears that the Top Theologian has influenced student groups to call for suicide assists in Gaza. Iran’s quirky President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has not issued a statement on this revelation, no doubt, preferring the use of more accurate weaponry to that of unreliable, but non-the-less, terrifying “human bombs”.

It continues to boggle the mind that these types of incidents are either ignored or excused by many in defense of those living in “Palestine”. If those pundits and world leaders were truly concerned about the “Palestinian’s”, they would move mountains in order to protect them from these types of “assists”, instead, offering education (a career as a suicide bomber is not desirable, for instance), and possibly some old fashioned “shop” or “cooking” classes, while blasting and condemning those who would use innocents from another “nation” in order to pull off a hare-brained military objective (Iran). Instead, the world continues to “protest” against Israel . Is it possible for so many to be collectively ignorant? Or, are they merely misinformed by anti-Semitic sentiment rising from the world press, the United Nations and bodies of that ilk?


EatYourOkra said...

Finally! A voice out there that doesn't paint Israel as the great evil between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

When will the good citizens of Palestine stand up against the wrong doing of Hamas?

Aaron Proctor said...

Guess we'll have to "sit down and talk with" Iran. *rolls eyes*

Chuck said...

There wasn't much outrage when Iran was supplying weapons to be used against American troops in Iraq, why should this be different?

Tina Hemond said...

Hi Okra, Aaron & Chuck,

Okra, the problem lies in the great anti-Semitism that has been prevalent in Europe and the U.S. since recorded history – Israel is considered not a country, rather a Jewish State – although there are Christians and Muslims living within those boundaries as equal citizens with those who are Jewish – it is possibly the combination of a Democracy guided by morals (Judaic Law) that has allowed tolerance, whereas the more secular Europe and followed by the U.S. has repeatedly turned their backs on the religious – unless, of course, that “religion” is politically motivated (sic. Palestine). In the 40’s when Europe was under siege, first the UK and the US both tried to negotiate with Hitler, knowing quite well that the Jewish people (and Catholics, Gypsies, etc.) we’re being murdered. It was more popular to be peaceful than get involved and, as politicians and political parties are aware, war of any kind can be used to an advantage, particularly those who are communist, socialist or progressive – there is no war unless it is “what’s in it for my political behind”, rather than any senses of morality and fair play.
What saddens me the most is the fact that Jews and Christians must hide their religion under a proverbial rug if in public (or running for public office), in this nation now, unless of course, it is in the better interest of retail, or if one is opposed to a candidate or their base (Right Ring Christian nut)or a progressive non-religious trying to get elected.(Kerry and Kennedy, those two stalwart Catholics of Convenience, can be seen parading in and out of Churches on the local news – regardless of their support for abortion – especially during a campaign!)
Aaron, I roll my eyes constantly, I have no doubt there will be dialogue with Iran before the next four years are out –see Carter and the last attempt – which, incidentally is to blame for all of this – Carter’s great love of Khomeini and all things anti-American and anti-religious. Anticipate Afghanistan becoming a bigger quagmire than Viet Nam, considering who ran that war and the outcome of those who would be politically correct on a battlefield.
Now Chuck, there has been outrage all along – only you are not going to find any outrage on CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, (even FOX) at Iran’s murdering U.S. troops – it’s always “alleged” – and would be if they had 8 X 10 color glossies of Iranians caught in the act included in the article or broadcast. It is a start that you are outraged, that I am outraged, and that we are not alone in our outrage – over Israel’s mistreatment, over Iran’s deceptions, and over the lack of morality that guides nations in the name of religion – for power – or worse, a nation that is no longer guided by any morality authority and abhors religion. It is woe to those that ignore history, as it is bound to repeat itself.

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