Tuesday, December 30, 2008

GOP So-Called “Social Conservatives”, Led by Current Chair Duncan - Undermine Steele’s Bid for RNC Chair

The Washington Times , in an exclusive report, outlined the machinations of current North Dakota chair, Gary Emineth to force current GOP party chair Duncan, to hold a special meeting of the entire 168 member committee, prior to the regular meeting on January 28th, to coincide with a meeting of select “social conservatives”.

The Emineth-led members wanted the special meeting of the full membership to be held on the same day that a rump group of about 86 self-described conservative members of the committee, styled as the Conservative Steering Committee, had scheduled a meeting.

The petition to Mr. Duncan was quite explicit: "In order to afford an opportunity for all members of the Republican National Committee to participate in an official closed meeting of the Republican National Committee for the expressed purpose to hear presentations from all persons seeking election as officers of the Republican National Committee, petitioners hereby request that the Chairman issue a call, today, for a special meeting of the Republican National Committee on Jan. 6, 2009."

The Steering Committee said its purpose was to interview all six candidates for national chairman and decided which of them are acceptably conservative.

The haggling over dates ensued; Duncan chose the 7th “out of consideration for the committee members”, while Emineth protested vehemently.
The crux of the matter is that, Duncan chose a date, allowing for an early meeting of a select group of self-styled Republican stalwarts to meet privately to choose who might best be chair. Michael Steele, who is running for Party Chair, and most obvious choice to lead the RNC into the 21st century has been criticized by these members are being a bit too moderate for their tastes. The crime - Steele has met with those Republican organizations that are both pro-choice and pro-homosexual rights. He also is the GOPAC chair, a rousing public speaker and just the ticket to get the party back to basics. Steele, not unlike Mike Huckabee, whose political aspirations were undermined by alleged “conservatives” because he was endorsed by a teacher’s union, or worse, allowed for one voter-approved tax increase while Governor (for 10 plus years) of Arkansas, is now facing the same old guard that just won’t let go.

It has more to do with power than any actual convictions on the part of these “Republican’s”, and should they succeed, it will ultimately lead to a greater division between Grassroots Conservatives and the GOP Leadership, and a loss of the base which will paralyze the Party. The individual members of this body must realize that the old game plan has not worked out as well as they had hoped, and qualified candidates, whether they are running the party or running for office, are few and far between.
Those who have the power to vote, in all Republican’s names, should carefully weigh whether they are voting in their own self-interest (maintaining power for the Beltway), or in the interest of the party and their constituents (Saving the Party).

The six candidates for Party Chair will participate in an American’s for Tax Reform sponsored debate on January 5th on C-SPAN – If the meeting is held on the 6th, all members will be present, and however, if it is held on the 7th, as Duncan has proposed (self-servingly), then only that “select group” will meet. The full-member committee would be more disposed to Michael Steele’s bid, and the smaller “ad hoc” committee would favor yet another “typical Washington” player.


Chuck said...

I am completely sold on Steele. You are correct he is the one to lead us forward. I think though that this shows exactly what is wrong with the GOP. We need to dig out these entrenched people and send them packing. It is possible that they may not get their way this time, there is a lot of grumbling in the GOP about how things have been going, I think Duncan is toast.

Jimmy Lewis said...

O.K. ... here it comes Tina ... another Football analogy:

I look at the RNC much like the Detroit Lions Football Club. The Lions set an all time NFL record for going 0 and 16 (that's NO wins over an entire year). They also have won just ONE (count em) game over their past 24 played. But here's the kicker, so to speak, the Lions have won just ONE playoff game in over 50 years.

So what did they do yesterday? Oh sure ... they fired their head coach ... whoopididoo! But the move that has everyone in Detroit, as well as nationally, scratching their collective heads is the fact that the Lions have promoted two slackers (internally) to the top two management positions of the team.

The RNC can not make the same mistake ... although I fear they will. I'm afraid they're one bad decision away from a similar fate.

The Lions are now destined for another 1/2 century of futility. We can not afford this to happen within the Republican Party.

Michael Steele would be the Bill Parcels of the RNC ... that is ... capable of turning a loser into a winner.

Tina Hemond said...

Hi Chuck & Jimmy - Likewise, sold on Steele - he's competant and reasonable - what is needed is a break from the Beltway - and I absolutely love the Parcels analogy! I was one of the few that took the Giants in Superbowl 25 - Those Bills fans just didn't get it - I wasn't betting on the Giants, per se, but I was betting on Parcels - the man had the ground game down and that's exaclty what is needed in the RNC.

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