Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel Retaliates - Once Again the World’s Pariah

One has to wonder at the “chutzpah” of “world leaders”, when it comes to Israel’s defense of its own sovereign territory. When Hammas, which is tied to Iran, begins to lob rockets into Israel’s back yard, there is barely a peep of condemnation nationally , yet when Israel defends itself – all bets are off. Immediately following September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda attacks on the United States, one could easily sympathize with the Israeli people ; after all, did they not go through the same thing, day in and day out, year after year – all due to Islamic militants, fueled by the UN and other “interested parties”, into consistent attacks on Israel?

Who are the Palestinian’s? Historically, Jerusalem is at the center of the present day conflict, initially settled by the Jews, overtaken by the Romans; developing into a Judeo-Christian-Pagan territory until the Muslim’s attacked in the 600’s (see Crusades). In the 1700’s Napoleon entered Jerusalem followed by the Turks (Ottoman Empire) – Arabs fled to neighboring states. After World War I, Britain and France divided the Empire and in 1917, Britain produced the Balfour Declaration effectively establishing a Jewish State. There was incessant rioting by Arabs through the following decades, and in 1947 the United Nations involved itself by a Resolution Partitioning the State of Israel and creating an Arab State – which was soundly rejected by - the Palestinians.

The rest, as they say, is more history, with consistent attacks on Israel, by “Palestinians”, in other words, a religious and territorial war, with no end in sight. The conflict would be resolved, should someone (anyone) can get the Palestinian Leadership (fueled by radical Clerics from Iran, who would prefer to see “Israel Wiped of the Map”) to play nice. The only other viable option is for Israel to defend itself, thumb its nose at “world opinion”, cruise through and over the created “Palestinian State”, and establish order.

One would think that the Palestinians would like to live in peace, with the increased opportunity to better themselves, instead of living in virtual ignorance and squalor (What the Hammas Leadership prefers). In keeping the populace brainwashed, by training them to hate the Jewish State and to become suicide bombers at an early age, the only rational way to stop this insanity is to close those schools, remove those who would continue this poisonous doctrine and finally bring an end to the insanity. There has, to date, been little outcry regarding the abuse of Palestinian children – no condemnation by the United Nations, with one exception: Israel!

Therefore, as the world bodies, presidents, dictators, are so removed from the conflict that they cannot offer a viable solution, they should keep out of it and/or actually support Israel when they are fired upon first. In addition propose the re-education of the Palestinian people, world history, perhaps instated of suicide bombing should be part of any school and early childhood education curriculum. Once that happens, peace may be a prospect, (sans any crazy Ayatollahs), industry and commerce can once again be built up and the bans and restrictions on Palestinian goods, imposed by Israel in self-defense, would bring prosperity to the Palestinians. In the end, the only two-nations (or states) that can ultimately decide this are Israel and “Palestine”, not the United Nations, Iran, Europe or the United States.

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Chuck said...

I fear that things will get worse for Israel with the US electing an anti-Semitic President. It will be interesting to see were our policy goes from here.

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