Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Rand Paul – In Iowa – The Media drumbeat – Rand Paul on Israel – much ado about nothing – intentionally

CNN reporting on Rand Paul in Iowa states the obvious – that the Senator from Kentucky is “barnstorming” across Iowa in a campaign style. It is obvious that Paul makes the media, Democrats and standard Republican’s a tad nervous – he’s pretty straight forward and he has that appeal to most of the middle road – who veer not to the right or the left, but can appreciate someone who does not fit neatly in any one pocket. (CNN)

Meanwhile, the balance of the media, seeking the latest method of finding something, anything, to pin on Paul, are now “screeching” from the rooftops that Paul was in favor and did he proposeending aid to Israel however, the opposite is true. (Yahoo News). The focus on Paul is so intent, from charges of plagiarism, to being too much like his father, to taking his words out of context in a conversation on the Civil Rights Act, the left hangs and rearranges the basic “gist” of Paul, who confounds them in acting very un-standard Republican – by confronting them and setting them straight. That’s refreshing.

As polls bear out, he either is the current front-runner, or darn close, including polling against the Democrat standard bearer – Hillary Clinton. What appears to be much ado about nothing is the media grasping at straws –try as they might to tar and feather him - it does not appear to be picking up much traction. What does appear to be picking up traction is Paul’s appeal.

Hopefully, those who would unseat him from poll perch, will continue, it only gives Paul the opportunity to showcase to the public, who he is – and lends further fuel to the fire, of who those detractors are.

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