Friday, August 08, 2014

Major Political Parties, the Diversity Within, a Stranglehold on the Political Process – Purists vs. the Individualist

An article in the New York Times asking if the Libertarian moment finally arrived (worth the read), brought forward the question of the diversity within the political parties, and how purists is the two major parties, appear to be the undoing of the political process. For example, the GOP is multi-faceted, and as Libertarians (otherwise known as Jeffersonian Republicans) are more closely aligned, they tend to track Republican (or purists, not at all), Social Conservatives, also are part of that party, then the moderates, those GOP members who tend to vote more like a Democrat, rather than a Social or Fiscal conservative. It is those purists to stay home, and refuse to forgive one ‘infraction” of their “code” that splits the party and forces votes from time to time.

The Democrats are much the same, Progressive Socialists won’t budge, neither with the anarchists, or those 99%-ers who rally to the voice of anti-corporatism. There is the rank and file union/loyal Democrats who remain screamingly unaware that Progressive does not mean – Progress. The low-information voters trend Democrat – despite many a degree, advanced or otherwise.

It is this tunnel-vision coupled with an obstinate stance of purity that continues to stymie the system. Rather than moderate and forgive one issue, in order to obtain the brass ring, those who are pure in political ideology will kick a statesman to the curb – i.e. Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

It is the individual that will embrace facets of each, while tending to make peace with their Libertarian belief structure, which is valuable to the nation as a whole, specifically if that individual can bring varied factions of the GOP as well as members of the DNC together. That individual is dangerous to both parties, as that individual will enjoy support from those with Reason.

One such individual, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is such a one, and that is why he is demeaned by members of his own party, and now, according to an article in the Daily Beast – the #1 target of the Democrats. (Daily Beast) It is due to his ability to reason that all American’s should enjoy liberties, to see both sides of an issue, and although appearing inexperienced to some in the Beltway’s employee, he is genuine, perhaps that is the most dangerous facet of his political persona – it is quite appealing to those tired of the status quo. Would there be a 100 Rand Paul’s – perhaps we would finally see a cohesive government.

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Anonymous said...

Your theory on "purists" in politic parties is so true. In Massachusetts for example, the purists of the Republican party (i.e. usually social or even Tea Party conservatives) will stand by and allow a Democrat to get into office, instead of voting for someone that doesn't fully adhere to their belief system. This more than rigid approach to voting will keep Democrats in power in Massachusetts for generations to come. If only all factions of the party could fully support one candidate, Republicans would get elected. One has to believe that there are Democrats working within the Massachusetts groups such as MARA, who only support candidates that have no chance of winning in Massachusetts. Charlie Baker is running for Governor, all the boots on the ground groups (who can actually get things done) are supporting a candidate who doesn't have a snowballs chance in hello of getting elected. At the end of the day, these Conservative groups can say they held to their beliefs, all while another Democrat takes the oath of office.

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