Monday, August 04, 2014

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – 2016 – Will She or Won’t She Enter the Race

There’s an uptick in news lately regarding the first term Senator from MA, Elizabeth Warren. Most of this is centered on Warren’s popularity with the Progressive base of the Democrat party, and her potential run in 2016. Many insist she is running.

An article in the New York Post, written by Edward Klein, suggests that she has half of the now, almost irrelevant Kennedy family backing. It was in 2008 that the Kennedy’s threw Hillary Clinton under the proverbial bus, in favor of a little known one-term Senator from Illinois – Barack Obama, so this would come as no surprise to anyone in the Bay State. (NYPost) However, with Ted (The Lion) Kennedy now gone, there is no clear leader of that erstwhile clan, therefore, the weight they once pulled, is waning.

A more pragmatic approach was taken by former 4th District Congressional Representative, Barney Frank – notes the Huffington Post, Frank wants Warren to run - but believes she might not, and somehow, the article implies he would back Hillary Clinton.(Huffington Post)

What we apparently have here, is the rumor mills from the right and left, speculating on what Ms. Senator Warren, will or will not do in the coming months. Although somewhat of a mystery, as she emerges from the shadows of Massachusetts, more of her life story is unfolding and as a result, she becomes more interesting. That said, a smart and savvy woman, she is said to be declining to run in 2016 – a source that is in constant contact suggests it is nothing more than rumor.

Herein is what is at issue, without living under a rock, or being a low information voter, one knows the nation is in dire straits – and no matter who takes the helm in 2016 – will be either blamed or blamed when the ship of state does not immediately right itself. (See Reagan’s first term after Carter for reference). Therefore, smart money suggests that both women may sit this one out, in favor of letting an obscure MD governor, or even a Vice President take the loss to any GOP candidate – given the odds of the incoming President being one-term should hypothetically, and either muddying the waters more, or not succeeding quickly enough. They may count on the fickle voters to aid this along with a rapid media. Both women can afford to wait an additional 4 years, in order to put distance between themselves and the nightmare that is DC now. It would surprise this blogger if either of them made any 2016 announcements other than “Next Time!” regarding the 2016 general election. It would be, in this feminist’s point of view, better to win the war than the battle.

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