Thursday, August 07, 2014

Lost Dog – New Facial Recognition APP May Be the Answer

The latest use of technology used in order to reunite owners with a lost dog is a facial recognition app wich is being used successfully to reunite owners with their lost dogs in San Diego. (myfoxny)

The app is available at, where owners can set up an account in order to locate their best friend. The site is also seeking partners – animal shelters that will become part of a larger network which would help individuals nationwide.

The app is based on a facial recognition software which was “built by Steven Callahan and John Schreiner of the University of Utah’s software development center. They found the eight markers on dogs are far fewer than the 128 points on the human facial recognition program.

“People are sort of uniform, the shape of their faces, skin tones, all their eyes, noses and mouths are in the same general location,” Callahan said. But dogs’ eyes and snouts are in different places.
(CBS Sacramento).

The University of Utah also conducted the research on dogs and their ability to recognize individuals as well as other dogs – read more at

As dogs, in particular are able to be human “caretakers” in so many ways (service dogs, military dogs, search and rescue, the more we know about their capabilities, the more we understand these very special creatures.

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