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U.S. Border Crisis – Rick Perry and President Obama - the Good, the Bad & the Ugly when dealing with Sealing U.S. Borders and Immigration

When the U.S. – Mexican border became a Mecca of sorts, for all of humanity to pour into the nation, unchecked and then abated by our government, one had to have been living under the proverbial rock for the past twenty years, not to have seen this “crisis” coming. Why hundreds of thousands of children are crossing the border along with their mothers, and a sprinkling of gangs is apparently a “mystery”. Some suggest that there were mixed signals sent to media in Central American whereby the U.S. government would grant them asylum and a fast track to citizenship and all that implies. Others suggest that that the situation is so horrific in these nations that to deny access would be immoral. Still, there are others who are blaming President Obama for sending the mixed messages and doing nothing about the situation (or from a bi-partisan point of view, even creating more Democrat’s in the State of Texas.

One knows (or should know) that the nation of Mexico has some of the toughest immigration laws on the books, however, the global economy is such that those who would take advantage of a tide of humanity attempting to break into another country happens to be too tempting. Therefore, Mexico is turning a blind eye to those ferrying the masses from Central America to the U.S. One might consider that to be par for the course from the less than stable (consistently corrupt) Mexican government.

In the U.S., laying partisan blame for our porous borders, would require one go back decades to various administrations, including Ronald Reagan’s, to understand that a border unsealed has apparently not been on the top of the list for all of Reagan’s successors. Be it compassionate conservatism or an economic excuse, the border remains open.

The President, in his usual manner, has taken the “Ostrich Approach”, the wait and see, most pragmatic, academic and obviously, slowest way to address this issue, or any other for that matter. One might want to proclaim dubious plots, or to hold the President on a pedestal of mercy, however, the reality of a pattern of pragmatism to the point of paralysis has been in evidence since the short lived Iranian Revolution in 2009. If one expects a college professor to apply a swift and fast approach to any crisis, one might as well hold one’s breathe. The appearance of a deer in the headlights has become the norm for the administration, and although the buck stops at the Oval office, one can be sure that the rank and file various departemne4t heads of the behemoth bureaucracy we now enjoy, is where the blame truly lays.

What to do about the “children”, is a huge factor, and of course ,the label, humanitarian has been applied ad nasuem. Of course, it is a humanitarian crisis, when one sees poverty stricken, undereducated, and disease ridden individuals pouring over our borders, with the aid of the Federal government.(RT) Those living in the U.S legally and knowing that the federal government will place these children in school systems nationwide, without treatment, are concerned for the safety of their children. The costs to the U.S. alone in housing, and treatment (if any), is astronomical, and above all those who are most at risk, immigration attorneys, should be frantic.

If that makes absolutely no sense, consider the path to citizenship a legal entry requires. One must hire an attorney for thousands of dollars, learn more about our government than our children in college, and spend years going through the process. Those costs into the thousands come in the form of attorney’s fees. Sealing the border is one aspect of the problem the other is revising the current path to legal citizenship. If we were to remove the need for an attorney, or limit the need for an attorney, reduce all government fees, and ensure our children receive the same tests and pass the tests, that those trying to get into the U.S. face, we would enjoy a lively and better civic minded society.

Another tactic would be to employ an “Ellis Island/Great Deal” approach to the southern border, immediately ensuring that the individuals crossing, regardless of age, would be put to work, (be it schooling or labor), for the government itself, building roads and bridges to “pay for their” keep, al la Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

None of the above has even been considered. Therefore, you have a citizenry literally up in arms, a President who is being blamed left right and center, and a host of characters who are so clueless as to what to do with 50,000 children as well as adults, that they are planning housing them in warehouses or abandoned Wal-Mart’s.

One might also suggest that those who feel these children and families are escaping a horrific situation with gangs, might want to visit Chicago, or any other city, and or simply read the papers for the latest gang-related daily death tolls to understand that is not flying with the U.S. populace.

When asking if the bucks stops there, it does, which is why Democrats worry that this is the Presidents “Katrina “moment (USA today).

When Rick Perry is accused of being crazy for calling the President out on the situation at the border, (referring to a plot) they intentionally neglect to include Governor Perry’s alternative to a conspiracy theory - that the President is simply inept. (Austin Statesmen). Perry, is of course, correct, as the academic approach in this situation, as with others, does appear to be inept when one considers the alternative approaches that produce a swift and fair outcome. What to do? Immediately vaccinate and treat each child coming over the border, do not allow anyone over the age of 18 to enter the nation, if a mother, she would have the choice of letting her child stay in custody or settle in Mexico. Offer one way flights back to the country of origin (which would, in the long-run, pay dividends in savings). Should one be seriously seeking asylum, we should have a revamped system for immigration such as described, which would offer swift and reasonable citizenship to anyone, from any country.

Build a giant fence, regardless of which business enterprise objects. Send our gang members not to prison, but on a separate flight to those same countries of or gin and return the favor.

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To learn more about the constantly evolving crisis Google or bing news with the search term – U.S. Border and hold your breath.

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