Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The U.S. Border – continues to hold headlines – Democrats support Open Borders – their constituents – not so much – Getting past the realities of a Government in Chaos.

As the U.S. border situation intensifies, Governor Rick Perry will, indeed meet with President Obama today to discuss the problem that is facing our nation (CBS News). Perry is seeking aid from the Federal Government to control the border by any means, rather than the current program which resembles the Keystone Cops on crack.

Horror stories of illegal immigrants with a myriad of diseases have been hitting both the mainstream as well as alternative media for the past three weeks. From ABC 15 (AZ) comes reports of diseased illegal immigrants being released into the general population. Rush Limbaugh, who we take with a huge grain of salt, received a call from a couple in California, whose church leader is asking families to take these illegal immigrant children (refugees, etc.) into their homes, the story here, at (Note: Limbaugh might not be the most credible to some, however, the concept is not unbelievable.) Last night, on the O’Reilly Factor, Democrat Kirstin Hughes went straight to talking points on the children and Nancy Pelosi’s call for open borders, suggesting that having an open border policy would be fantastic for this country. The show host looked as if he would implode based on her suggestions. The two camps, therefore, even in the media, are divided; yet, one would understand that those who would call for open borders, even with children involved, are – outnumbered.

When one checks the comments under any article relating to this sudden “border crisis” one notices an odd situation occurring, both Democrats and Republicans are agreeing on the fact that this is not a good idea for the nation. See comments under NBC Washington report on undocumented aliens being dumped into MD’s Prince William county.

Yet the administration, as Perry suggested, is inept at handling the situation, and that is the crux of the matter – the administration also asked for billions to be provided for “the children” from Congress – which is being reported on evening newscasts.

From a humane point of view, refer to the previous post regarding responsible immigration practices that would be both fair and reasonable for now and for future generations. Additionally, to address the issue of those who would come here to “get a free ride” or for those American’s on government aid of any scope - reintroduce the original FDR workfare – in this wise, bridges would be built, along with the park system, and those needing food and housing assistance would receive their EBT card, as long as they showed up for work. This would solve so many of the nation’s economic woes in a heartbeat.

Normally, this blogger attempts to be level-headed and apply reasonable options in opinion content, however, the U.S. border and the administration’s handling of the same, has left one’s head spinning. That said the last thing one would want to see is any impeachment of this President. The reason, let it go – let the insane incoherent policies continue, from spying, to the IRS, to whatever is next up on the long litany of things that could go wrong, (never mind the Health Care fiasco), and it will be the undoing of progressivism on all fronts for decades, perhaps even centuries.

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